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Voldemort Effect (The phrase was coined by British activist Maajid Nawaz)

Have you noticed how some people of the left(my people) are more concerned about perceived violence or threats or even trigger statements. This is instead of real violence committed by religious people around the world. You know to whom I'm talking about, those whose name we are not allowed to utter. this group kills gays, apostates, Woman, and other religious groups and especially Atheists and not a word is said against this religion, because they are seen as the underdog and we are not supposed to punch down only up at the power. They forget that this religion has the governance of 1.7 billion people, hardly a minority.  We mustn't leave it to the right to take up this issue. We must up hold our liberal values and protect those groups who are in danger of being killed. 

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Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, 27, disappeared from an east London mosque after police believe he disguised himself in a burka


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