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Voldemort Effect (The phrase was coined by British activist Maajid Nawaz)

Have you noticed how some people of the left(my people) are more concerned about perceived violence or threats or even trigger statements. This is instead of real violence committed by religious people around the world. You know to whom I'm talking about, those whose name we are not allowed to utter. this group kills gays, apostates, Woman, and other religious groups and especially Atheists and not a word is said against this religion, because they are seen as the underdog and we are not supposed to punch down only up at the power. They forget that this religion has the governance of 1.7 billion people, hardly a minority.  We mustn't leave it to the right to take up this issue. We must up hold our liberal values and protect those groups who are in danger of being killed. 

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Amazing how almost everyone knows the H. Potter stories.

Yea but its a good analogy isn't it.


I've been told I mustn't attack Islam because they are the underdogs. I hardly think so when you have the power and the money of the Saudi religious establishment who pays for most of the Mosques and Literature in them around the world. 


Underdogs my butt!!!.......Underdogs can be, & are often vicious!

We must up hold our liberal values and protect those groups who are in danger of being killed.

Stephen, my knee jerk response to that was "We first have to make sure the benefits exceed the costs."

After considering your point I ask if the thinking on liberal values is clearer in the UK than in the US.

Here, "classical liberal values" (self reliance, unregulated markets, etc) date from after our Civil War and are much like those of today's US conservatives.

It may be that liberal values in the UK are much like progressive values in the US, where extremism has become almost the norm.

To political newbies here I often say Democratic domestic policies are dumb and Republicans' domestic policies are cruel.

To those who think about politics I usually say the Democrats want natural selection to work more slowly and Republicans want it to work more rapidly.

Yea Tom Liberals in the UK are classical Liberals not your laissez-faire Liberals who support freedom for capital but hardly anyone else.

Many members of the Liberal party were greens but left the party and formed the green party when the Liberal party merged with the Social democrat party, which became the Lib-Dems. Centre left leaning.

I wonder if leftists are too afraid of being politically incorrect (as Tom may have suggested in a previous post) to point out that just because someone is from a different cultural background that they may be the same as many right wing whacko inbreads in the countries we live.

It's easy for me to criticize people who belong to groups such as New Hope Chruch, Catholics, Protistants, Prespeterians, Mormons, Jehovaha's Witnesses, Christian 'Scientiests,' and different sects of Judaesum and etcetera because I know about their history.

In my viewpoint most of them have became secularized. Thoes who haven't are enimies of the state in my opinon.

Have you come across a Sheikh, Jane, or Budist that wasn't pleasurable?

What is it with some of the Islamics? Perhaps not much different than other religous groups who have barely integrated with the secular socities of the West.

I don't come across many Islamists. I met and became friends with people from Iran and Iraq who were secular in their religious viewpoint.

I'm more worried about an A/hole from Utah, or Colarado who practices plural wives and thinks they have a planet waiting for them,  or someone from Texas with a envangelentical view that the earth is 6000 years old than the almost impossible meeting with a Islamic terrorist.

It's fear mongering to think people from Islamic countries are hostile to the countries they reside.

Of course there will always be kooks who go on killing rampages. Look at what's happened in the U.S. lately. 

Unfortunately some individual murders are racisicts who carry badges.

Chris your lucky to live in America, but here in Europe many of us live in areas where we western liberals are in a minority and Islamists hold sway. I live on the 14th floor of my building and I don't exaggerate when I tell you when I get into my lift, before I reach the ground it stops on other floors where often or not it feels up with full burka clad woman who stare at you through slits for the eyes. Be honest how would that make you feel. All my life I've fought against anti woman behaviour so how am I to react to this Misogynist attire. 

Stephen, here's some honesty.

1) You stare back, don't you? Or do you fear their menfolk will kill you?

2) Have any men used such attire to disguise themselves for their criminal activities?

3) Women everywhere remain attached even to woman-hating religions. Damn fools!

2) Have any men used such attire to disguise themselves for their criminal activities?

I wonder about that as well.


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