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Hi all,

There's an upcoming gathering for The Emin where I live and I'm interestedin attendinf to document any woo they intend to discuss.

Any tips?


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It seems The Emin is all WOO

No ideas......I'm not in an area where these things occur.

Where is the link for the gathering?

Chris this is all there is.=

Their website is super vague. I saw it on a flier in my local shopping centre. It's for a "Future Fair", Saturday 16/08, in The Centre (an Emin worship house).

Indeed it's vague.

In the 1980's there were a lot of young teenage (runaways)  selling flowers at gas stations and  quick stop stores such as 7-11's for the Mooneys. I'm not sure if this is the correct link for that group

Perhaps this one is better:

At that time they seemed to be everywhere. As time prefaced it they may have been members of the Manson clan and later joined the Jim Jones 'movement' [cult].


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