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Curious about how Americans and others  think about the U.S..

Where do you think the worst state in the U.S. would be to live and why?

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Mormon country

pity---I mean wanting billions dead because no one believes them is so mentally off it is beyond sanity

Scientology which I understand is big buisness in many areas appears to me to be an expansion of Mormonism.

In that they all get their own planet.

Regarding that the ancients thought that upon death one would go to the stars - in todays Abrihamic and what ever other religions  its called heaven.

Thinking about Ken Ham and the Arc project promoted by tax dollars I'd say Kentucky is at the top of my list.


I don't think so.

More on that later with the White Supremicists  movement.

I'm a big supporter of the SPLC and even donated money to their cause. But recently I've become concerned that they are using a scattergun approach to naming who they consider hate groups and individuals.

Chris you must not have been listening to the news or the news you got was superficial. These suicidal terrorists came from well educating middle class families. University educated. Two went overseas. One did a post-grad in Australia. They had a great future. Their parents were not radical. It is not in the Sri Lankan nature. And the local Muslims had warned the police of this iman who was doing hate preaching. Nothing was done. As well as there being a spat at the highest political levels. India and Thailand warned them off these attacks several times right up to the last day. But the security faction inside the government refused to pass on the information to the Prime Minister. Preferring to sit on it for dubious political reasons known only to themselves. A massive intelligence failure at the highest level as well.

I don't watch local, network, or cable news. 

Are you referring to the shooting in ChristChurch NZ?

What do you mean by that Stephen?

There are slightly less than 10 million (somewhat) American citizens living in U.S. territories.  Apparently Peurto Ricans don't count as real Americns.

For what it's worth during WW!!, when the Phillipines was a territory Manila was the sixth largest city under the U.S. Flag.  The history behind that is interesting.


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