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These Lesbian gorillas disprove most of our presidents!

Some African presidents have already sentenced homosexuals to death, and many are openly against any LGBT; the main authority being the Bibles and Curan. "... and even animals don't do that!"

While there are many facts about homosexuality in animals, most of our fellow intellectuals and politicians won't bother finding them. But this week something has happened, just a few miles from one pulpit on which a president cursed LGBTs away!

Follow the link below for more.

And below are yet more links with facts.

There may be as many as 1,500 animal species practicing homosexuality, but mature, intellectual and honest fellows tell their sheeple otherwise!

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Homosexuality appears everywhere in nature.

But it's not in holy books and no god's sheeple have seen it since Sodoma!

I had a Boxer bitch when I was a boy she would bark and growl at dog (male) boxer's but would try and hump other Bitches, what that proved I cant say. my parents would call her our lesbian boxer. I've heard of examples in the animal kingdom of gay behavior. But I've never cared whether being gay is by nurture or nature. I don't think it matters. 

A gay friend of mine was adamant it was nature and he would talk about how they have found the gay gene, and of course if science did prove the existence of a gay gene that would end the argument. But I still think it doesn't matter a fig whether a person chooses to be gay or not. 

Probably because they can't read anything other than the ''hole-y'' books!

Great subject for discussion Alexis.

I'm glad you enjoy it, Stephen. Mrs. B, thanks for another great one.


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