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Master and Slave

There are personal relationships that most of us partake in. In those relationships, we work out our desire to be the boss, to be in control, with our partners who need to do the same. A basic human instinct, "rivalry," we all share. I think it is natural for us to want to be in control of whatever situation arises. Happily, there are other instincts that can outweigh the rivalry instinct, but it still is hardwired into us. Rivalry can take some very nasty forms, as well as fairly noble forms.

In my personal realm of friends, associates, and partners, relationships might be narrowed down to three basic concepts. Either one partner or the other will be the boss, or the partners will be equal, or none will take charge.

My first relationship, neither one of us were the boss. The relationship had no goals, had no basic premises to follow. It lasted less than a year. We were horrible together. The only thing we knew how to do was to party, jobs and security had no meaning. When none grab the reins direction is random and unfathomable.

My second marriage was closer, we were both intelligent and professionals, but my partner at that time needed to be the boss. I've never been good at taking orders, and I still am not. When one of the partners becomes the boss, it would seem that necessity derives from a desire to change the other. That one lasted three years.

My current marriage is pretty much a continuing battle, we both want to be the boss and we don't back down very often. We are lovers and rivals. This seems to work the best for us, because neither of us is the master, and neither is the slave. We've been together seventeen years, so the battle works for us. Everyone is different, and I've seen master and slave relationships work, but that is when one of the partners is either compliant or has no choice because their partner has the resources. Still, not a great relationship, more like master and dog.

The examples I give are very basic, there are many other instincts that come into play. The only point I'm trying to make is that human relationships are varied, they can be great, they can be horrible, and all are human.

A theist's relationship with God is not normal, and they are always the same, master and slave. There is no other option. The only way to unconditionally become a slave is again either through a lack of thought or a lack of resources. In this relationship, God has it all. He has heaven and no one else can compete. Not every theist is an idiot, but all theists are enamored by the resources that God has to share. Eternal bliss, you live forever, you have no needs. 

A believer gives up his independence, his thought, and his morality when he takes Jesus into his heart. God is the master, bow down and do what he says regardless of the consequences. I think this one point of a religion that needs to be recognized always. Believers have to give up what is here and now, they cannot accept what changes as man progresses, they must keep the ancient prejudices to become a saint. This is not meant to be purposely demeaning, it is just a fact; all saints are saints of ignorance. 

Reality just sucks, you need to ignore it. I understand the world is confusing and menacing if you're uneducated. Education is tough, it takes work, it takes thought, it takes desire. God has little use for the educated, they are harder to control. God just wants to be the boss, he wants to be the only boss, he will screw you if you resist the thought. God has a temper, he's a jealous bitch, and there will be retribution if you screw up.

Theists have purposely abandoned control of their life to the detriment of the world, and that is always the fight; will fantasy or reality be the controlling factor of this life. When we look at governing bodies, do they promote this world or the next? If they promote the next then freedom cannot be had. 

When you walk the streets and are not from a western country that has turned their backs to fantasy, know that the majority you see are slaves. Heartbreaking.

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Good post and this is truly heartbreaking

When you walk the streets and are not from a western country that has turned their backs to fantasy, know that the majority you see are slaves. Heartbreaking.

However, maybe they mouth the words of a slave in the house of their God but inside feel they are the master and are using Jesus?

That would definitely be the human thing to do. =)

I've heard many a born again Christian rejoice in the fact they are slaves of Christ. But in their every day lives I'm sure they don't believe it. Good post Neal.

Neal, I like this column. IMO it's your best. Yeah, my view differs a bit from yours.:)

Xianity truly is a master/slave thing.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read it. =)

Being enslaved to an invisible being is just revolting. I see this behaviour in my daughter, son-in-law, & their family, & its all I can do to bite my tongue.

I think it absolves them of all responsibility. They are doing god's work, it must be right, we don't have to think about it. 

Giving up your humanity makes it easier to abrogate your life to evildoers as well

Jul 29, 2016 - The vile racist subreddit where Donald Trump is doing an AMA tonight actually refers to him as “our God Emperor.” 

What a waste.

Good post Neal.

Good to hear from you Onyango. =)



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