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Hall of Shame

The church is a heavy burden that rests uneasily upon man's shoulders. It crushes the weak and tortures the strong, it abuses the frail and hunts the healthy; it keeps all of us in our place. There is no desire for man to succeed in this world, the church will not have that. Everything you are or might be is by the grace of god.

Being nothing is a fairly easy state to attain. Death is nothing. It doesn't take work, it doesn't take thought; you don't need to be something. For all that is needed from you from your god is acceptance and obeyance, and your name will be inscribed in the hall of fame. Pastors and priests elevate the thought that what you do on this earth matters not. Why be a scientist? It doesn't matter that you make people's lives comfortable since the end game is god. Why engineer roads and bridges, why go to the moon, why do anything? It just doesn't matter.

The beginning, and ending, of a poem that highlights how easily a life of honor in the name of god can be had goes like this:

Your name may not appear in this world’s Hall of Fame,
in fact it may be that no one knows your name.
This hall of fame is only good as long as time shall be;
but keep in mind “God’s Hall of Fame” is for Eternity.

I tell you friend, I wouldn’t trade my name –however small,
that’s written there, beyond the stars, in that celestial hall —
for every famous name on earth, or glory that they share.

I’d rather be an unknown down here, and have my name up there.

Yes, the bible says to do this and do that, and some actions are good but most are not. It is not a basis for life. Well, maybe a very screwed up life but nothing of real substance is taught by the church that isn't negated by other teachings of the same damn book. 

This is what god's plan really looks like for mankind. Do not achieve, because this means nothing. Do not better yours or anyone else's life since it really doesn't matter. In fact, you can just sit back and let everything go to hell, it just doesn't matter. Global warming, screw that shit. War and disease, no problem. I mean, why bother with anything? 

When a theist accomplishes something, it is only through god. This point has been made many times, but I think this shows how far the idea goes. You have to do nothing in this life but recognize Jesus as your savior, ask for forgiveness for whatever horrible shit you've done, and off to heaven with you. Clearly, even when you do something, you haven't, and if you do not do anything, it doesn't matter. 

In fact, you never ever do anything. This is god's work. There is nothing you've ever attained by using effort. There's nothing you've ever accomplished by using your mind. There is just nothing for you to do but wait for god's commands. 

And at the end, you will join all the murderers, rapists, thieves; the scum of the world will be your mates in heaven. Maybe Hitler will be your bunk-buddy. All the names on the hall of fame will be of those who have never accomplished anything except asking for forgiveness. These are the best of us, these are god's children, these are the names of grace.

These are your buddies in the Hall of Shame.

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Thanks Neal for reminding us that god so love's us that he will forgive all our sins even small things like the Holocausts. So under these rules if I confess my sins I will probably meet people like jack the ripper and the Boston Strangler all they had to do was say sorry. Good system there god. 

Yes, an excellent system for insanity. =)

Yes, kind of a boring, dull, shitty life when it comes right down to it, & then the wonderful reward at the end. Gotta look forward to being around all those forgiven insane criminals.......

For many, life does suck. Religion is the drug that keeps them moving.

Yes, but there are many other things to be doing with the precious time we have. Volunteering at a hospital, a library, go bowling, pet sitting, read anything but a bybull, pick up litter around your neighbourhood, cook something different.......

Exactly. Community, humanism; doing something positive. I'm not sure if it is better to expose the crazy, or to trumpet good deeds. Atheists are not much into belonging, we just don't give a shit. 

Yeah, I don't mix in well, & prefer my own company most of the time. Same with my husband.

I am now quite disabled so the pc is my main entertainment, & I don't socialize at all. Better for my blood pressure anyway.

Hi Ms B.  I'm 90, & deaf & legally blind, so my PC is both my recreation & information source.  Living out my days with my youngest daughter & her family. As a rock hard atheist, I don't fear death.  On my 'bad' days, I look forward to it.  :-)

Hi Bill,

Yes, the pc is a great encyclopaedia, concert hall, arcade, library, shopping mall, cook book, etc., its a great thing to have!

All any religion has to offer is the false promise of a paradise and the empty threat of a hell.  It's a sad commentary on humanity that so many buy this BS.  Stubborn stupidity is the foundation of all religions.  No wonder they do so well. 

In the words of Albert Einstein, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.  I'm not so sure about the Universe."

Willful ignorance seems for some a badge of honor. 

Excellent point.


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