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“The First Task of Government Is To Make Large Numbers of People Governable.”

That’s what a sociologist told me after I became politically active.

How does government do that? Borrowing from Robert Burns, “Let me count the ways.”

Religion is one way, and religion makes other ways possible.

A school teacher long ago said the government does for us what we cannot do for ourselves, stuff like negotiating for fire and police protection, trash collection, and much more.

While politically active, I found government doing TO us what we would not do TO ourselves, stuff like raising taxes to pay for projects that would primarily benefit the state’s “old families”, who owned land they had once farmed but on which they wanted to build homes for an increasing population.

We hear people say “our democracy” when the truth is “our oligarchy”, in which a few rule the many.

We also hear people say “consent of the governed”.

How do we, the governed, require those who govern to obtain our consent?

Eighteen of the fifty states have two ways, the direct initiative and the referendum.

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The first task of any half decent government is the safety and wellbeing of its citizenry. That's diametrically opposite of most governments especially the one currently occupying the White House  


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