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City officials had to draw a line somewhere. Now that they have, it's hardly surprising that some church leaders are upset over it.
by Hemant Mehta

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The idea that religions get away with paying any tax's is absurd. A prick with next to no education who calls themselves reverend can make millions without paying a penny in Tax's.

Yeah, I keep telling my husband that we're in the wrong business, but I couldn't live with myself like that.

And yet they want to be able to support and boost politicians from the pulpit.

Separation of church & government hasn't progressed at all.

it hasn't in the US in fact seems to be reverse. Trump is giving everything the churches want.

I'm way past disgusted....I have no words.

This first Yank to reply has words.

With about 70% of churchgoers opposing pulpit politics, it would be a long overdue self-inflicted illness. Not 100% fatal, but serious.

The 30% are the authoritians who reliably obey their opportunistic leaders and vote Republican.


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