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Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?

Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?

Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or "fraudulent acts". In essence, fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain. Fraud offenses always include some sort of false statement, misrepresentation, or deceitful conduct.

Most governments and countries have fraud laws of some kinds. They generally interfere with religious fraudsters only when physical harm is being done to our gullible citizens yet ignore the monetary theft that the fraudsters fleece from their victims. Prosperity ministries are the most flagrant of these immoral religions, but all religions based on demonstrable lies would be included in this question.

Our governments are quite good at acting against obvious fraudsters yet seem reluctant to protect our more gullible citizens when it comes down to religions.

Religions, to me, get a free pass to lie and steal all they can from victims, especially the older citizens even when governments know about the fraud.

I begin to see the inaction of governments on these religious fraudsters as a dereliction of duty.

Do you?


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DL, You presented a topic -" Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?"


Atheist Churches?

Can you and Vosper get over it?

There is no such thing as atheist churches. Maybe religionists who are unable to get over religion.

Again if that the case Dan Barker's Freedom From Religion may help thoes to understand the term 'God' outside of religion.

Vosper doesn't get it.


There is no such thing as atheist churches.


Are they outside the scope of religious doctrine?

Atheists don't form churches. Vosper should take a bus outside of her church group to see that many others arent subjected to the proselytism she was brought up with. I guess that's a different mindset. Vosper in her mind may never get over her upbringing of Gowd.

A girl from the Jehovahs Whitness' came to my house the other day accompanied by a guy with a tweed suit. 

Thinking about it - I wanted to whisper in her ear- if you want to escape from the religious group you are subjected to I'll find a support group for you.

I met numerous people who never went more than walking distance from their 'home.'

They were caged in the belief system they were brought up.

See Jim Jefferies comedy about this if you don't understand.

Should Religons have tax free status? I'll say NO. Irregardless of what the religon is. Is Isreal a democracy without religous bias?

Does the U.K have a brand of the Angelican church?

For thoes who dislike Islamic democracies I'll argure that the UK (Ireland, Canada, Australia and other nonsense under the "QWEEN" Protetestism, Angelican, or Catholic factions are just as bad.

For what ever reason there is a facination with Kings, Queens, princess and other disney characters.

Denmark and other countries also have inbread royal families.

In my opinion it's nonsense.

The same with the Saudi royal family.

They should all go to hell in a hand basket.


I agree with your taxing of religions.

Like it or not, atheists are forming churches and I think it a good idea.

That is a help in freeing people from religions while still appeasing their tribal/fellowship needs.




A 'Church' by any other name is still a 'Church." If I may. I have never been a 'Church goer.' That's okay isn't it?

I wonder if church goers are captivated by preachers, Queens and Kings, or other nonsense.

Perhaps there is something in the brain of worshipers  that allow them to turn over their independent thought to god, religion, monarchs, or ridiculous political thought.

It's sickening that many don't appear to have independent thought.

Where have you seen atheist churches?


She's a lost soul caught up in the religion she was brought up with.

Perhaps as she grows she will be able to jump her religious upbringing.

If I may, I've met numerous people who belong to what they call 'non-deminal, or non dominational'churches.  '

I call B/S on that.

If I may how would you define the word "God/"

Dictionaries define ('God') as a supreme being worthy of worship.

How do you define the word "God?"

The term Church doesn't work for me. I belonged to a fraternal order and other

Fucking Ning editor is a piece of shit.

Social clubs such as the Elks, Moose, VFW, Grange hall and etcetra are all great places for people to meet.

There is a guy on Atheist Nexus I communicate with from Norway, He says they have meetings at a church in the small town he lives in. That church is probably 1500 or more years old. I think that’s great. He has a great sense of humor.

I don’t that works in the U.S. though. I think churches should be burned to the ground.

Aside from belonging to a fraternal lodge I also was involved with the Friends of the Library.
There are a lot of things to do without having a link to a church.


I define God the way the ancients did before Christianity and Islam became brain dead literalists and idol worshipers.

As the best rules and laws to live by.

Your church, and I define churches as little tribal units, as that is what they are, would include the fraternal groups out there.

"Moose, VFW, Grange hall and etcetra are all great places for people to meet."

Indeed. That is why they are created. To appease our tribal needs for fellowship.



I don't have, or belong to churches.

Do you think that libraries, or educational institutions from a civic point are churches?

I disagree with what you are calling tribalism.  

Hi DL,

Philosophy and ideas of culture and anthropology are studies of human nature.  They don't have to be linked to and aren't necessarily  tied to the ...

This computer is limping. Many of the functions don't work.  The other is doing the same thing.  That one is for the most part dead. This one is dying.  I have to purchase another computer in order to communicate.  My new printer failed.   I don't think it's a coincidence that these these two computers and the printer failed on or about June 1st...  

I'm likely going to file a claim with the power company.  Regardless I have to purchase a new computer. I like to have a back up so may end up purchasing two computers.  The printer is under warranty so will hopefully be repaired within the week.

It's going to be expensive to replace these two computers. It will take time  It will be expensive and time consuming to get all of this working again. A former programer from Apple worked on the new computer for a while before concluding there was a hardware problem. The Apple guy suggested having the logic board repaired.  I don't want to do that.  My experience has been that when there is a power problem resulting in computer failure it runs deep into the system.  Repairs on previous computers ended up with glitches.

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Thanks for this.

This explains it all.




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