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Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?

Should Governments regulate fraudulent religions?

Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or "fraudulent acts". In essence, fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain. Fraud offenses always include some sort of false statement, misrepresentation, or deceitful conduct.

Most governments and countries have fraud laws of some kinds. They generally interfere with religious fraudsters only when physical harm is being done to our gullible citizens yet ignore the monetary theft that the fraudsters fleece from their victims. Prosperity ministries are the most flagrant of these immoral religions, but all religions based on demonstrable lies would be included in this question.

Our governments are quite good at acting against obvious fraudsters yet seem reluctant to protect our more gullible citizens when it comes down to religions.

Religions, to me, get a free pass to lie and steal all they can from victims, especially the older citizens even when governments know about the fraud.

I begin to see the inaction of governments on these religious fraudsters as a dereliction of duty.

Do you?


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Thanks for your links and comments.

Good finds.



In the video, Maria Konnikova states....

'And con artists, that's what they do. 

I moshenniki, vot chto oni delaiut.

They resolve it for us.

Oni razreshaiut eto dlia nas.

They give us meaning.

Oni daiut nam smysp.'

Oz never gave a thing to the Tin Man that he did not always already have. 'We (are[italics]) meaning.' (Jean-Luc Nancy, The Gravity of Thought)

Thanks for this.



Do you remember James (Jim) and Tammy Baker's PTL (Praise the Lowered) TV show?

Background is here

It was prosperity religion - meaning give a dollar and "The Lowered will bless you."  Many people contributed to to the PTL club.

After being released from jail for fraud Jim has a new scam.  Armageddon supplies.

Why isn't he selling guns to kill the living dead?

Un believable that some if not many support Jim Baker the con artist.

This one from Pastor Jim Bakker is even better.

Christian Televangelist Robert Tilton Fraud Scandal is another to look at

As I wrote previously go to a tent revival show. It would be funny if it wasn't so scary.

Leap of Faith - Benny Hinn a Dangerous Fake.

Follow the links and you will see more.

When churches promote a political viewpoint, which some do their tax exempt status should be removed. 

The government is infiltrated with politicians who spout the same rhetoric as the church leaders.  The superstition, dogma, and myths are the driving force in our government, and economic system.  They are human constructs not based on any reality, or any physics. 

Honestly do you think we could have a rational, logical, government when democracy rules by majority.  When the majority are delusional, and indoctrinated with religion.  Americas politicians are cut from the same cloth as the church leaders.  Ruled by greed.      

As messy as it is I tend to think the democratic (constitutional) process ruled by law approved by the governed is better than previous and present political process'.

Rule by greed is a problem.
I'm worried about authoritarisiam and fascism.
The little I know is that people raised with a belief in a supreme being tend to desire authrritarisiam governments. 
Perhaps it because there is no higher authoristic belief system than that of a 'Gowd" where some religious systems teach that  'Gowd'  has ultumate authority, controls ones life, or the world and determines the outcome of ones actions.
I met a kid one time who was home schooled.  He had tatooes of 'BeJesus all over his body.'  He didn't know there was another way of thinking until he joined the Navy, met others outside of his church (cult) community, met others, and had the oppertunity to see the world outside the community he was subjected to.
I felt sorry for him, but happy he was, though having trouble, able to break out of the bubble he grew up in.

I don't know if that kid will ever become an atheist.  He was, however abandoning the beliefs he was subjected to when he grew up.

Is it possible for people such as that to ever get over their up cultural upbringing?


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