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Satan gave man love. Was it worth the hate?

Adam thought so. He instantly and without argument or hesitation ate of that knowledge when Eve offered love to Adam.

Without Satan causing Original Sin, mankind could no know of love or hate as love and hate are subject to being good or evil.

Would you do as Adam did?

Was Satan right in opening our eyes to love and hate?

Should we venerate Satan more than Yahweh who tried to deny mankind love?


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Seeing that Yahweh and Satan don't exist no. But metaphorically of course I would eat from the tree of knowledge, life would be unbearably without the search for knowledge 

I agree and would also do as Adam is said to have done in this myth.



i do not venerate nor believe in Satan, Yahweh, nor the tooth fairy nor the easter bunny, and i do not believe the bible, although i am very very familiar with the bible.  I think you have a very very "creative" interpretation of the story of the garden of eden...   what they got after eating the apple was apparently shame, not love, but 

whatever.  I don't believe any of those stories.  

but, i am all for love.

No one should believe myths. That is why I post.



good! yay !


French lady?


One of the many things I dislike about xtianity is the concept of original sin.

Basically what some religionist say is it's a sin to be human.

I hear you.

False guilt has always been a good way for religions to have us loosen our purse strings.

The Jews who invented Christianity did not have that Original Sin concept.

Christianity threw out the baby with the bath water.



I as a Child was indoctrinated into the Anglo-Catholic wing of the Church of England it was said that the Anglo Catholics were more Catholic than the Catholics. And that meant all the guilt that came with it. The Nuns that tought us in the C of E schools inculcated us with highest degree of guilt. At 5 we were tought to say, Bless me father I have sinned not even knowing what a sin was. I only knew that I was going to suffer the torments of Hell because I sinned the most.

I know I'm mistaken as an outsider but thought the 'age of reason' was  'thirteen years old.' I'm learning it was as young as seven. 

None of that matters if you are subjected to it from birth.

I fortunately was never subjected to religious propiganda. 

How does one relese themself from that? 

Are students who 'hopefully' were taught about the christian referemation in a public school able to view religion rationally and as a political movement?

I found it unbelievable how many "Protestents' and goof ball sectct of "Prostents' here in the U.S. don't know the history of the King James Bible.

Apparently that's what it means to be a (absent) believer.

Even worse a 'worshiper.'


If a real investigation into why religions are a political entity is ever undertaken, we will have many surprises.




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