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Free Speach? Dawkins interview canceled from Berkerly PBS station KPFA

Ben Shapiro speech at UC Berleley  results arrests at protests.


Richard Dawkins interview canceled from Berkerly PBS station KPFA

The following related articles show that the local Berkeley PBS station KPFA canceled an interview with Richard Dawkins.

Statement on Cancellation of Richard Dawkins Event

KPFA cancelled a book event with Richard Dawkins when members of our community brought our attention to Dawkins’ abusive speech against Muslims. The speech we reviewed included assertions during his current book tour that Islam is the “most evil” of world religions, Twitter posts denigrating Muslim scholars as non-scholars and other tweets.

We serve a broad and diverse community, including many Muslims living under threat of persecution and violence in the current political context. Islamophobic rhetoric stokes that threat. While Mr. Dawkins has every right to express his views, KPFA has every right not to sponsor and profit from an event spreading them. That is what we’ve done.

KPFA’s events organizers notified Mr. Dawkins’ publicist at Random House when we first started considering cancellation of his event, and again once we made the final decision to do so, which was before notice was sent out to ticket holders.

We have since extended an offer to Mr. Dawkins to discuss this matter on KPFA’s airwaves, a forum where his assertions can be engaged and challenged, but KPFA will have no financial stake in promoting them. He has not yet responded.  


More Statement on Cancellation of Richard Dawkins Event


Berkeley Public Radio Station Cancels Event with 'Islamophobic' Atheist Richard Dawkins By Tim Graham | July 25, 2017 7:54 AM EDT

MRC News Busters: Exposing & combating Liberal Media Bias.

Washington Post blogger Eugene Volokh reported trouble in Public Broadcasting Land on Monday night. Berkeley-based KPFA, the original station that started the radical-left Pacifica chain of public radio stations, abruptly canceled their August 9 event with harshly atheist author Richard Dawkins over his criticism of Islam as "the most evil religion on the planet." He was expecting to promote a new book titled Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist. It appears in bookstores the day after the canceled event.

Ironically, Pacifica is legendary on the Left as a warrior for free speech. They were the winner in the "seven dirty words" court case against the FCC in 1978. But apparently today it's obscene and dirty language to single out Islam as an evil religion. KPFA said they could not support "abusive speech." 

Volokh noted that KPFA was free to do this, since it's not a "government-run" station. But he didn't note it is a government-supported station. For example, it received "community service grants" of tax money from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting of $259,371 in 2012 and $138,671 in 2013. Conservative taxpayers foot the bill for radical propaganda. Volokh reported:... 

More Berkeley Public Radio Station Cancels Event with 'Islamophobic' Ath...

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KPFA are cowards and don't know the difference between criticism of Islam and its tenets and so called Islamophobia a made up word created to stop all criticism Islam and Islamists. They don't mind it when Professor Dawkins criticises Christianity. Atheists should be able to question all religions with out fear or favor.  

I agIt seems Christianity ca

I agree. It seems Christianity can be criticized while the other two Abrahamic's (Judaism and Islam) are forbidden topics. 

Check out Ben Shapiro speech at UC Berleley  results arrests at protests.

He twitts that Free speech isn't free. It costs over $600,000 thanks to Antifa.

I'm told that Antifa is a derogatory term for anti-fascists.  The media coins terms such as this and others. Obama Care may have been the most disruptive.  

For the most part TV news be it cable, or network is lazy.

I'm thinking of timing a network "National and World" news broadcast to see how much news they attempt to spew. I'm thinking it will be less that ten minutes in a half hour show. It's all entertainment without any news value.  At least in parts of Europe there are nude, or stripping speakers. It may be sexist, but at least they don't fuck the audience such as U.S. news 'reporters' do. 


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