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REMEMBER David Stephan and his wife Collet Stephan?

Father Who Let His Child Die of Meningitis is Once Again Promoting Harmful Alternative Medicine

REMEMBER David Stephan and his wife Collet Stephan?

They’re the Canadians who received four months in jail and three months of house arrest, respectively, as punishment for allowing their baby to die from meningitis by treating him with maple syrup and hot peppers instead of the vaccine that could have actually helped.

They served their time last year… but if you thought they had learned their lesson, you’d be wrong. David Stephan is already back on the road telling people all about the health benefits of alternative medicine, doing whatever he can to make sure other kids suffer just like his own ... read on ...

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it seems they don't give a toss about other people and their children.

At the very least they should be barred from any public speaking, but I think the sentences should have been a lot stiffer.

thankfully we live in free country's  but I know what you mean.

Agreed Daniel.

Religions get away with far too much, & should never be used as any kind of defense.


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