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Priests Are No Longer Allowed To Be Alone With Kids

Archdiocese of Montreal: Priests Are No Longer Allowed To Be Alone With Kids

The Catholic Church of Montreal is finally doing something to combat abuse within its walls.

by Hemant Mehta

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention Mrs.B. Its about time the RC Church did something like this. I think it should be run out in the church worldwide.

We can only hope!

I find this upsetting.

There was a case in Southern California in a small town, Mc Martin school I recall it it was in Mc Minnvillee , North of Bakersfield  Kern County about child abuse and devil worship.

People are still in prison over that hype.

The DA is still in office.  He's a piece of shit along with all of the Christofascists who continue to vote for him.


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