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24 wives in 25 years: B.C. polygamy trial begins

Canada’s polygamy laws are on trial for the first time since 1892, as polygamist Winston Blackmore is one of two men on trial for having multiple wives. As Reid Fiest reports, the judge will have to determine if the defence of religious freedom holds up in court. Watch video 

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They must have a lot of influence at national level, because how come its taken so long to charge this man.

Because polygamy laws have been mostly ignored compared to the ''more important'' ones.

How many wives does he have now?

There is a fellow who at the time of his death had married 130 wives and divorced 80 times.

Who knows, but these guys marry children & get them pregnant as quickly as possible. They don't divorce.

The town of Bountiful is in the southeast of my province of British Columbia.

polygamy in africa map Canada judge backs anti-polygam...

I notice its right on the border with the USA is that significant to the story.

Yeah, they travel back & forth to Utah, etc., all the time.

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 22:19:43 EDT
Dozens of marriage certificates, some referencing weddings taking place on the same day involving girls with the same last name, were entered as evidence Wednesday at the trial of two fundamentalist church leaders charged with polygamy in British Columbia.


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