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I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag, 

and to the Savior

For Whose Kingdom it stands,

One Savior, crucified, risen, 

and coming again,

with life and liberty 

to all who believe

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If you've never been around dominants christian theology 

This is taught in home schools and private demoninational christian domionist schools.

The secretary of Education Betsy DeVos would love to see such curriculum. Not curriculum, but  absent minded recitals.

Islamic schools (madrases) in parts of the world do the same thing.  

In that religious schools are inept at teaching critical thinking. 

I 'love' Jehova's Whitness' among other things for fighting up to the supreme court to forbid the "Pledge of allegiance" in public schools.

For the most part here in the U.S. public schools are democratic and attempt to teach students basic understanding of the world around them.  Often public schools teach myth rater than fact.  That's what higher education is for.  

G/D it in my opinion if a student is capable and makes the grades then the students should be allowed to attend college tuition free.  

That in my opinion is an investment in the future.


Your link was to silicone perhaps.

Curious, What's your point?

Curious about your Avitar.



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