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I'm an atheist, thank God for that!

Glad to have found this place on the web! This is my agenda:

Most of todays conflicts are driven by economical/historical/political/structural injustice. Religion is seldom the root cause but it does add to the problem. I don't know if you guys want to listen to music. But music is my voice and I try to use it. Election about Palestinian statehood is coming up and because I think it is a silly idéa that a god has given the area to one of the peoples I think the song might appeal to some of you. At least I hope so.

Feel free to help me work for peace in Israel/Palestine by spreading if you like!

atheistic hugs from me to all of you fellow atheists (and the rest of you)

Johan, Stockholm, Sweden, here´s the link:


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HI Johan, glad to have you here! We like music too. You can upload music into your page too, your own or whatever you like. I agree with you that the root of most conflicts is injustice; religion adds to the problem by inhibiting rational thought and contributing hugely to the "otherization" of people. As long as we continue to view the world, as "my people" vs "their people", or worse, "not-really-people", we will always have conflicts.


You can embed a video by clicking on the film icon, then place the embed code, like this:



Nice song, Johan, thanks for sharing. I like your voice. It's very youthful.

Whao! Thank you for your kind and generous response! I like this place!

See you!



Thank you Curly Girl! heartwarming... And I'll cite Hendrix more often now that I know of this phrase!



Very good stuff!

I hope Johan will post more of his stuff here.

Damn, competition. =)


Very nice, I like.

Don't make me choose....:-))

Hey! I like you. You're an atheist. I don't compete with atheists. I only compete with idiots. (but I try not to tell them the are) And I'm shure you write better songs any way.

A friend of mine said the other day:

It's one thing to say Hallelujah, but try doing it!

atheistic love from me!



Welcome to the site,

I agree with about the causes of conflict on the planet at this time. I'd like to add that even if I'm atheist, I can't ignore the fact that religion is so very often connected to conflicts and war, and if you think about history it's very apparent.

Yepp. I agree. I just suspect that religion more often than one would think is used to fuel conflicts rather than being the root cause. It is used as a tool for those in power, to provoce, to cause fear and to demonize one side in a conflict.

It is also used for keeping a group of people separated from the rest of a community. As in the case of the congregation I grew up in. Only in such an environment is it possible to deny the facts of science, make people believe in all kinds of weird things. Why am I going on about this here? You all know it.

I think I'm just angry

but I'm glad to have found a bunch of atheists.

yihoo. I'm in athistuniverse!

I now give you an atheistic hug!



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