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The trouble with Pat Condell is that he used to make his arguments from a leftwing stance but now he's been coopted by the right and has he's got older he's become more and more reactionary. He makes some cogent arguments but he has lost his respect for the underdog. He forgets that its right to criticise Islam but not Muslims. The American right have really begun to love this guy. 

I do like a lot of his points, but I also think he's trying to wake people up.
I don't know, I have mixed feelings about his posts.

Yea its a hard one. He used to defend our liberal values but now he appears on Breitbart news and infowars  just lap him up.

Oh the price of fame......

it does change them doesn't it. Even when message is valid, it does matter where that message comes from. when you and I criticise Islam we don't do it out of hatred of muslims. this is not so of the right.


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