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Paris attacks: More than 120 killed at Bataclan and restaurants

At the same time we are taking in refugees from the Mid East. Islamists attack Paris killing Hundreds of innocent people.

Just before the attack was announced on the news, it was also stated that the UK has paid for special chartered flights bringing into the Hundreds of Syrian refugees into the country. When are we going to learn the lesson that these people hate us with a vengeance.

Rescuers evacuate people following an attack in the 10th arrondissement of the French capital Paris

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I'm sorry for the emotional rant on this subject but I think I've finally lost all patients. It would seem that the more we help the more we are kicked in the teeth for doing so. There is something in the tenets of Islam that allows these people to believe they are doing gods work in killing non Muslims. For fuck sake enough is enough when are we going to stop saying this is a religion of peace.

'At least 140 dead' in unprecedented Paris terror attacks

This was horrific news, however,  is it ISIS or the refugees from ISIS committing these crimes.  

I think that's the point we can never know. So many of the refugees are lone young men where  checks are not being made.

Yeah, we're supposed to be ''accepting'' thousands here by the end of December, & I still say its a monstrous mistake!!!!!

I agree Mrs.B we are going to regret this decision. We should have helped the refugees in Syria  

I still say if we MUST help, then help make THEIR countries liveable.......not move them all here!!!!!!

One day sooner rather then later there is going to be a big attack in London again. I live in a part of London were the Demographic is largely Muslim and the atmosphere of dislike of us Brits is tenable.

Well that's a bloody pleasant thought for you isn't it?

How close to you was that July 5th disaster?

There are times I am very glad to be in smalltownsville, I tell ya!!!!!

Its not pleasant but I really believe we are due an attack here in London. And I bet you the Prime Minster will come on TV and spout his view that we must not blame Muslims because Islam is a religion of Peace.

I wish we had more people like Yousef to tell it like it is. I really wish he hadn't used his real name here, but he could teach a thing or two I'm sure.

The bleeding heart routine doesn't go over well with me.

I do agree; I'm not sure if the percentage of immigrants in London is not higher than the british.


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