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We are packed & ready to evacuated if necessary, & evacuations are getting closer.

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Comparison map of my province of British Columbia to the UK.....

I can remember a few years ago the UK press went ape just because there were fires on the Dartmouth moors, all it was, was  the moss and heather caught on fire. they didn't even bother to put it out the rain did that two days later. No comparison.  

Good comparison map Mrs B

Stephen: they burn off the gorse here, though to my knowledge it's never got out of control but it'd soon rain if it ever did. The news get a bit desperate for a story sometimes and just make a big deal about nothing.

Fires are fires, & all of them are dangerous & frightening.....even in designated entertainment fireplaces!

Yep your right there, especially uncontrolled fires.

I really don't care to see flame or smoke ever again. Not realistic, but it is what it is.

I went camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountians where I noticed a peat moss fire. I reported it to the local Department of Forestry who said they knew about it and nothing could be done to stop it.

It's likely they didn't have the resources to put it out.

The last I read funding for Aerial firefighting was cut along with funding for the Coast Guard.

i think Canada takes forest fire fighting very seriously and as far as I can see they've done a good job.

They fight the fires that are a danger to towns & life. The wilderness fires are allowed to just burn out.


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