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We are packed & ready to evacuated if necessary, & evacuations are getting closer.

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That is bad - I hope you safe!

Don't know if we are or not. The smoke is very bad, even through closed windows & a/c.
We've been watching the bombers & helicopters, & MANY of them!

if you were evacuated where would they take you.

Wherever we're told I'd imagine. As things are right now, so many roads are closed, so who knows, & I tell you, I'm getting VERY uncomfortable with waiting to see what happens!

Sorry to hear that, hope you and your loved ones stay safe. 

We are safely staying with our son in Prince George. The Red Cross has given him grocery vouchers to help feed us for 5 days, & if we're here longer, it will be renewed.

The 2 of us have been given a $300 clothing allowance.

I have always donated to disasters, most especially fires. I never thought we'd be on the receiving end, & we are very grateful. 

That's fantastic Mrs.B. we are all so relieved you are safe and sound. Its good you are getting some financial help but lets face it you have been paying tax's all your life.   

The reception center where the bus took us had hot meals, drinks, & pet foods at the ready. 3300 of us

I bet that was welcomed after your bus trip.

All volunteers, its wonderful.

I see the rest of my comment didn't show.....
3300 yesterday & counting.
14000 province wide as fas as I know.

That's a massive job to look after all of those people. Well done to all the volunteers.

People from Fort McMurray came with truckloads of supplies for BC....amazing stuff!!!!


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