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“Once a Catholic, always a Catholic” or “Don’t toss the baby with the bath water.” How would you reply?

A man who has tried several times to quit Catholicism, but each time returned, gave me the first of those lines. i had quit in 1957 and told him I’d never heard that but had often heard “Once a priest, always a priest.”

He and I joke a lot but he repeated the line several times and I wanted to even the score. I dug into my memories of what Catholicism had done to me and replied “Once a Catholic, always helpless.”

He stopped using that line. He now occasionally grins and asks when I last confessed my sins. I grin and reply “1957.”

Another man a few weeks ago gave me the baby/bathwater line. He seemed to not hear me say the baby was fatally cancerous and was beyond saving.

Any thoughts?

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I know a few Catholic apostates and they wouldn't re-join even if they were offered all the Altar boy's in the Vatican lol.

But seriously its hard to leave the RC Church especially if you were like me indoctrinated from a very early age. Many Catholics don't believe in it anymore but remain cultural Catholics for the sake of their families.

I think that when you're indoctrinated even when you leave there is a residual guilt. I was raised protestant but you are still made to feel guilty for just about everything. Once you become inquisitive, religion doesn't add up.

I was lucky Suzanna my parents couldn't care less about religion but sent me to a church school because it had a good reputation. The nuns who taught us, and I say thaught advisedly were just gross and wicked. It didn't take long for me to see through such mumbo-jumbo. My church and school were supposedly C of E but were in fact high church Anglo Catholics. It had all the bells and whistles of the Roman church but in some ways stricter.

My school didn't appear to be religious, although they had some group who came in to push faith regularly.

I read in the paper my old school was recently getting religious groups in to teach children sex education. It was highlighted and stopped by the new man in charge who said that it wasn't adequate. Unfortunately it's been going on for years so there are probably some people who's lives have been altered because they weren't taught about how to avoid pregnancy and diseases. 

I've been thinking about this.

Many, if not most of my close friends are (secular) cultural Jews.

I'm sure that is possible with Catholics.

Meaning whereas one holds on to the culture without subscribing to the religion.

Unfortunately some of the religious wars tend to be held into the memory of the culture even after abandoning the religion.

I don't understand why 'xtians' tend to hate muslims, or why Sunis hate Shia.

It's stupid uninformed nonsense. 

It might be kind of interesting to go into confession and say "I'm abandoning the Catholic faith"

I think most priests are okay with that. 

I've found that most Priests and Preachers genuinely want to help others.  Some only know the only way  is through preaching the gospel and proselytizing. I've met a couple of them.

Baker from the Freedom the Freedom from Religion foundation is one who was able to let go of that.

I've been wondering about foster kids being thrown into a household that has a strict religious point of view.

I feel sorry for such kids.

A friend of mine was hospitalized and eventually died at a religiously based hospital.

Queen of the Valley.

He was a secular Jew. 

Kind of funny he allowed a Catholic Preacher to prey for him.

When I asked about that he said "I didn't want to hurt the guys feelings."

No kidding, when he died the priest was there - my friend sat up and said "Boo."  As though turning into a ghost then died.

Even to the end my friend was kind, had a sense of humor and messed with the Catholic Church.


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