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I don't know much about news from other countries. I tend to watch BBC World News and French

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I don't know much about news covering other countries. I tend to watch BBC World, French and Japanese news.

BBC America is garbage. Al Jezeera, when it was available was nice perspective. When it became Al Jezeera America it was just as if not as terrible as other news produced for the American Public. I saw a hard Christian slant to the American version of Al Jezeera. Perhaps that was done to keep their FCC license. It obviously didn't work. Perhaps Al Jezeera would be able to learn something from Russia Today (RT) so they could continue to broadcast within the U.S..

American news is following Trumps lead in being nothing other than a reality gossip column. The American cable TV news broadcasters would be ashamed of themselves if they had any sense of credibility.

The three main (non cable) stations in the US - ABC, NBC, and CBS have something they call National, or World news. Headlines on all three networks include topics such as a school bus accident on an icy road while ignoring important national and international events.

The local ABC, NBC, and CBS news stations aren’t any better. When was the last time you heard about legislation being introduced at a local, or state level through your TV station. I don’t think small town news papers are much better. While all this is going on apparently parents are afraid to let their kiddies out to play. After all the national news said there was a school bus accident. I find it odd that no one here commented on a previous post Utah Passes 'Free-Range' Parenting Law or the Jim Jefferies comedy about Helicopter Parents. BTW I don't think that was on any of the local news stations. It would after all be to controversial (what ever that means). Now even some sports coverage is controversial because for what ever reason players go on the playing field and take a knee. They used to stay in the locker room while the audience proudly stood with desecration of the flag tee shirts and shorts as they saluted the flag with a corn dog dripping mustard over their American Flag shirt chest.

Obviously I am tired of broadcast and cable news.  They aren't much more than reality TV.    I lost it when they were saying Oprah should run for president. I don't think the American public is dumbing down news. It appears to be the corporations themselves.  For example who besides the broadcast companies give a shit about a royal wedding - it's cheap and easy to occupy air time. Maybe thirteen year old girls raised with Disney movies care about that, the Oscars, or other entertainment. 

TV news is a past tense. Unfortunately so are many newspapers.

Your right Chris its getting harder to get an honest take on the news these days.

Why aren't the main news outlets holding Trump to his lies and showing the American people just how corrupt Trump is.

I donno It's the Trump reality show.

Stephen did you watch the Jim Jefferies show link I provided about helicopter Parents? It's funny. Jum Jefferies a

It came up not available in your country

How has Robinson managed to stay out of prison for inciting violence? He reminds me of a political equivalent similar to out of control soccer fanatics.

Of course, he hasn't managed to stay out of prison. But this time for breaking a court order not to report on an ongoing case. The irony of the case was that it could have led to the collapse of the prosecution and the release of the Muslim rape gang.

Why Was Tommy Robinson Arrested? Far-Right Activist Jailed for 13 Months for ‘Prejudicing Rape Trial’

Far-right figurehead Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months after he was found guilty of breaching British contempt of court laws by filming outside an ongoing trial, it can now be reported.
The sentencing of Robinson, 35, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, could only be revealed after British news sites the Independent and Leeds Live fought to lift the reporting restrictions imposed by a judge following Robinson’s arrest outside Leeds Crown Court in North England on May 25.
In a case that has attracted worldwide attention, the far-right activist was arrested for potentially prejudicing a criminal case while streaming an hour-long Facebook Live video outside the court during a rape trial.
At the time, the jury were in the process of considering their verdicts after hearing evidence for the past six weeks, Leeds Live reports. The judge imposed restrictions against reporting on Robinson being jailed over fears it could prejudice the outcome.

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