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Russia’s “ghost” armies and the “heroes of the Russian spring” in U...

The most recent important news event was the information about the death of Russian Wagner mercenaries in Syria in an air strike inflicted by coalition forces led by the United States. On February 15, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova confirmed the “alleged” death of five Russians, underlining that the men were not “Russian soldiers” and that reports of a death toll higher than five were “classic disinformation”. At the same time, Reuters reported that about 300 men employed by the Kremlin-linked Russian paramilitary organization were killed in Syria.

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Want to know the story behind disinformation StopFake .org 

Here is what Mashable says about them. Is Like a 'Snopes' for Ukraine

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That story was bigged up in all the UK's rightwing media outlets and some TV 


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