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May a foreign caregiver cook for a Jew? - by a Rabbi

Religion certainly exerts strange pressures and unnecessary stress on people who believe.

What is so perplexing is to the extremes people go about everyday things that to the rest of us are so ordinary that what is revealed here makes me wonder about the lengths people go to assert the extraordinary at such complicated, convoluted mental acrobatics. As well as insinuating those not of their faith are not just suspect but must be shunned.

Strewth! And I though I had mental problems.

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Give me a snake, or reptile and  I'll find a vermon.


 I've eaten dried wheat and grass.

Funny If I may - know why semites don't like pigs?

Pigs are more independent and smarter than them.

My comments may be taken incorrectly.

I pick on every religion.

I'm especially fond of picking on Sementics (Abrihmics) that don't know history.

Chris replied to your discussion "May a foreign caregiver cook for a Jew? - by a Rabbi" on Atheist Universe

Kind of of stupid- Best dinner in the world.

this comment got DELETED----

I don't like the term Jew.

What does it even mean?

Chris. Good question. You'd have to ask the Jews because it is their very own definition. No one shoved that they way.


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