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Hi folks,

Just wanted to let you all know what my blog has a new layout, and I am seeking feedback on it. THere are already some known issues there, but I am looking for any glitches and suggestions you might have for the future evolution of this space.



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I like. Cool color scheme.

Would use a bigger font size for titles in italic.

Thanks, I didn't want to change it too radically, just add some functionality to the homepage and allow for featured articles (coming soon) at the top of the homepage. It becomes a bit more of a portal this way, rather than just one big-ass text page.

I like the footer and general  look.

I like the new layout, color scheme, etc. I just posted a comment on your latest blog, and while I was typing it, I had a hard time dealing with the small, grey font.

I must be totally dumb with computers because I went to your blogsite and didn't see any change, can you put some sort of link for "disable" kind of people like me...?


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