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Now Xtians are complaining about the 'positive coverage of atheism' in media!

Well, if their priests hadn't spent the last countless generations raping little kids, and if Moslems hadn't spent the last several decades blowing up sh;+ and crashing planes into buildings and lashing women for adultery after they rape them and marrying little girls off to 60-year old men, and if Mormons hadn't spent millions trying to convince the world that gays shouldn't have a family, and if megachurches weren't flaunting their tax evasion scheme so openly and if they weren't so obvilously for-profit yet enjoyed a non-profit status while providing absolutely no tangible goods or services to people ... and if Uganda hadn't had the Kill the Gays bill which was the result of less than a decade of US evangelical anti-gay propaganda, and if Nigeria wasn't torn by civil war between two foreign religions, Islam and Christianity ...

... then it would be understandable why media would have positive things to say about religion and negative things to say about atheism ...

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They are just insecure - despite having God on their side and intimately involved in their lives, they are afraid their faith will  fall  apart at any time.

Well,  I guess they're worried they will lose the grip on their "flock."  Atheism is growing and this is threatening to their base power. They don't have a leg to stand on. 

Apparently, their god won't bother to protect them against us...

Goes to show how fragile mythical edifices can be.
Where the fuck is Jeebus when you need him?

Hey, it rained on a day we prayed for rain, where's the coverage? Too funny. =)

That God Damned liberal media! They didn't have an opening and ending prayer at each broadcast and some news stories weren't about god, churches, or Christians. When stories aren't explicitly xtian then they are secular.


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