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How academic failures allow Islam through the front door----

it never stops until it is stopped

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Thanks for posting this.

As most know the world and cultures are complex it isn't binary.

Pre History?

I understant that means to be latin writing and the division between BCE and ACE.

Sanscrit and other Asian writing and history I understand is older than European teachings. 

There is America Centric which is young - there is also EuroCentric history.

Theis is why we need anthropoligists.

there are some great Indian historian around. And thinkers. wont call them philosophers. because out western philosophers are idiots. i suffered them at uni. or psychologists. they are even worse-

too lazy to find them but they exist- the Indian thinkers I mean

If you don't like the clash of civilizations now you won't like is as climate change displaces hundreds of millions of people.  That has nothing to do with religion - it has to do with survival.

Climate change resulted in mass migrations about ten to fifteen (or more) years ago.

Unfortunately the ugly face of it is the rise of Fascism .

two sided catastrophy. you have the breeders with their hordes flooding into Europe. without realizing if they worked, thought, stopped having a dozen more per family there might be a future for them. So the Europeans, not consulted are pissed off with their globalized politicians. Fascism perhaps not yet. But the shrieking status quo going on about populism miss the point as always. Enforcing social engineering a la Soros is not exactly welcome. In Europe. Curtesy of Amerikan gloval destablelization. Europe the target, the crucible, the experiment. Which over there they have seen through. So this fascism is invented because it is on the side of the people who don't want to be socially engineered into anything except their own culture to which they have a right. But no that of the failures from elsewhere take precedence and if they resist they are called fascists and white racists.

too right. evryone's got their head up their airconditioned rear end. the way these morons panic about having to turn the air-con off, take a train and not drive, walk to the shops, wear a jumper before turning on the heater---you'd think it was the end of the world! ha! it will be if they keep on going on like this and breeding as well. Hopeless


Interesting link.

Isn't it more, or also about resource (rape) and extraction?


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