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Is the pledge of allegiance necessary for school children?

I always thought the Pledge of allegiance recital for school children was a waste of time. What if any are the reasons for the pledge?


Greg Laden has written an article:

Demand that the Pledge of Allegiance Not Be Recited in Your Local School 9/8/2011 Greg Laden The X Blog

It is the first or second week of class in most US schools, and this is when students, parents, and teachers find out what’s new. One of the things being added in schools around the country this year, as has been the case several years running, is the requirement that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited in class every morning, or in some cases, weekly. You can work against letting this happen in your local school.


There are several reasons that this is objectionable and I hope you will assemble some of these reasons and add your own, to craft an email to the principal and school board superintendent where you pay your taxes. I promise you that there are people pressuring the school boards to require the Pledge to be said daily. In one local school in Minnesota, teachers were told during their first staff meeting “The pressure’s been on for years. We’re giving in this year because we really can’t hold out any longer,” and thus, henceforth, a few minutes of the first period of every day would be devoted to organizing the students, making them stand up, reciting the pledge with them.

Before we get to the reasons to oppose this policy (and to take action in doing so), let me make a few things very clear. First, do not assume that I’m against the Pledge of Allegiance of that I am not a Patriotic American. Noting about the pledge itself, or pledges in general, or my love of country, will be found in reasons to oppose this policy, except for one detail that will be made plain. Second, while it is technically true that a student can opt out of the Pledge (probably), this is irrelevant. In fact a student is not able to sit out the pledge, especially in grade school or middle school. Rules are rules and rulings on rules are fine, but anyone who thinks a Middle School kid can buck the trend without serious consequences is kidding themselves. Third, any opt-out policy for students simply does not apply to teachers. They can in fact be told to say the pledge of allegiance in class or lose their jobs. In sum: a) this is not about patriotism or pledges; and b) in practice, a “say the pledge” rule is an unavoidable requirement for all regardless of any technicalities.

Here are the reasons to not require that the Pledge of Alleghenies be recited periodically, especially daily or weekly, in American Public Schools:


Here the link to follow the rest of the article and what you could do to combat The pledge:

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I remember pledging allegiance to the Queen of England, in French. =(

I really like Greg Laden's blog. I end up agreeing with him most of the time. I totally agree on this one, the pledge of allegiance should NOT be recited in schools. The freedom of speech argument is very good, and that alone would be sufficient, but of course the "icing on the cake" is the "under god" bit, which Laden correctly exposes as a not so veiled way to introduce Christianity into our public schools. And of course, as he points out, daily repetition of a pledge takes the seriousness out of a pledge anyway, it's simply a brainwashing technique. In my opinion it has nothing to do with patriotism.

Isn't saying the pledge of allegiance a remnant of the cold war? I thought Jehovah's Witnesses won a Supreme Court case placing a ban on saying it in school because it's worshiping false idols (the flag). I don't like the pledge because it's stupid. Why pledge allegiance to the flag - let alone the change that includes under god.

Here's the Christian Flag pledge of allegiance: "I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag, and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands; one Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again with life and liberty to all who believe."

No. I am not one for the pledge of allegiance. It makes me feel like we are slaves to this country, and to put "One nation under God" in it makes me feel like we are being brain washed and forced to believe in something that they don't have any proof of.


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