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Is it moral to force men or women to wear veils or any particular garment?

Is it moral to force men or women to wear veils or any particular garment?

I ask this question, because forcing people to do so, seems to go against the notions of freedom, liberty, equality and fraternity. It is an insult to our fiduciary duty to each other.

In many countries, be it a religious, political or social custom; women and men are forced to wear particular garments, veils or beards are two examples of this.

Does this practice of using force go against our fiduciary duty to women and men?

These Golden Rules exists in most religions and cultures.

No one likes to be forced to do anything, this is irrefutable.

In some cultures, force is used to have men and women kowtow to the culture or religion. This is a poor and immoral ideology.

I believe that obliging people to submit to any political, social or religious norm, --- without a just cause, --- is immoral.

Do you agree?


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Yes, in my opinion it's a basic human right to wear what you want on your head/face or not. Choice is freedom.

U C 20/20



Suits may be an example of fiduciary uniforms. Neckties - the better to be hanged with as they practice prosperity theology.

Fiduciary, a duty, seem to be misused here as I cannot relate a duty to a uniform.

You might want to expand on your idea.



It seems self ev

I'll try to reply. I just wrote two paragraphs but only a couple of words were posted from the first sentence. This forum is painfully slow.

I think I may have a virus on my computer.  I'm going to take it to a guy I know who used to work as a programmer for Apple to see if he can fix it.   The local hospital had a problem with their telephone system for a half a day. A local auto repair shop also has a problem with their computer. The repair shop got their computers limping along.

D L there doesn't seem to be a fiduciary duty.  It's all about greed.

Have you read any of Matt Taibbi's articles about the banking industry?

The following interview with Taibbi may provide insite to some of his articles.


I have not but have kept abreast and see a lot of corruption in most of the financial institutions and banks et all.

I can see a fiduciary fail in those but not in uniforms, unless you meant uniforms that  religions might forced onto people.




What I meant was was the uniform of suits and ties.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Those are seldom forced, but sure, dress codes have been allowed and accepted as they are considered a just cause.



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