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......Or does this strike anyone else as rather inappropriate, sickening, & sleazy?

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No, it's not just you

Its more than just creepy. He seems to gloat over his behavior.

Well he did say he would probably date her if she wasn't his daughter!

Did he say that?

It wouldn't surprse me. The Don loves himself so making a comment about his daughter fits with his egocentric personality - or a wierd manifestation of Oedipus Rex.

My term for him is scump.....& I heard him say that with his own filthy mouth!

Aincha happy he ain't your prez?

But as the POTUS he has a long reach and could cause us people from around the world a lot of trouble.

We Yanks can say the sun never sets on our military.

Our 170+ bases way outnumbers your former colonies, don't they?

I heard a news report that The Don wanted to have missle carriers on his parade to the White house during his inaguration. Fortunately he was talked out of that.

The military reportedly turned down a suggestion from Trump's team ...

Weaklings feel strong when they have weapons in their parades.

Stephen, people from around the world are letting seven billion become eight, and will let eight billion become nine, etc. Not smart.

Yes, Tom, but he will affect us, like it or not!


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