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Who are you, what brought you here, where are you coming from, when were you made aware of AU, why did you decide to join...


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There is no cure for that disease :-)

Nope, all you can do is feed it.

amal, still in saudi arabia??  please be careful.

Thanks Amal, your story gives me Hope for humanity :)

be careful!!

I just finished reading "In My Father's Country: An Afghan Woman Defies Her Fate" by Saima Wahab. It's a wonderful book, though it seems that she's always been a fairly non-religious person, it was still interesting how she went back from Portland, OR to Afghanistan to be a civilian translator for the US Military, speaking Pashtun and being very familiar with tribal customs of the Pashtun people.

I wonder if you have had a chance to read this book, as it is very enlightening of the culture in many Muslim countries, besides just the Pashtun's of Afghanistan.

In the same type of book, I'm currently reading Infidel which is a very interesting real story of a country Muslim girl from Somalia who became a member of parliament in Holland and currently lives in the Washington DC area with a bodyguard.  She is, of course, an atheist now, but she was an extremely devout Muslim when she was young.

Amal, I think you are amazing.

I can not begin to imagine being a female Muslim and living with the oppression you must face every day. Talk about courage! 

You are truly one of the privileged few in your situation who has strived to know the truth and succeeded.

Congratulations, and a heartfelt welcome to atheism and to this forum.

Andy Stout


  • Old guy. Been through a lot. Was mostly lucky.
  • Born a cath from non-practicing parents, liberal education, in French. I was exposed to the wilderness very early on, thanks to my Dad, a Lt-Colonel in WW2.
  • Studied fine arts, worked all my professional life in TV and film production.
  • Always had a keen interest in science and curious about how people & things work.
  • Spent most of my adult life investigating the extraordinary, the improbable and the so-called miraculous, starting of course with altered states of consciousness =).
  • Quickly became a skeptic and an agnostic.
  • Turned into an atheist in the long run.
  • Been married 33 years, raised two boys, now adults. I now live alone.
  • Was healthy for most of my life, then found out I had MDS and had only a few years left. Spent a while contemplating death. Became hard-core #7 atheist.
  • Sheer luck: found a compatible bone marrow donor, and survived the heavy-duty procedure. Became an active atheist, involving myself with on-line communities.
  • Making things, making art, reading science-fiction, taking pictures, riding motorcycle, cooking (meat-eater,) light videogaming, learning stuff, beaches, rivers, mountains.
  • I watch PBS, Discovery, CNN, NatGeo, Planète, documentaries, Stewart & Colbert, read science magazines and listen to a lot of all sorts of music. I rarely watch or go to the movies.
  • I'm not good with money, I have weird eating and sleeping habits, I don't drink a lot of alcohol, mostly wine, and I love smoking hashish, cigars and cigarettes. 
  • I'm responsible for the look and feel of this website.

Félicitations Michel, malgré tout ce que tu as traversé, tu fais des choses extraordinaires comme être l'instigateur de ce sit.. (I'm still feeling a bit off,(bronchitis) so that's why it came out first in french).

Pas instigateur, seulement le look & feel =)

I hope you get better soon, Marianne!


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