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This is where you can introduce yourself to the Atheist Universe community, in as many or as few words as you'd like.


Who are you, what brought you here, where are you coming from, when were you made aware of AU, why did you decide to join...


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Hello :)

Hello Edmond. 

I liked your introduction, welcome to the world of clarity!

Believe in yourself. 

Keep writing no matter how bad it seems as I am in the same boat there with you when it comes to writing!:)  Write a piece come back to it at a later date and dislike what I wrote!

Hello Davy :)

I'm still fighting that and hopefully I'll get this writing thing down eventually.

Great :) And I'm always up for friends on Twitter especially atheists.  

I'm "Hope" or you can call me Amal... 30 years old.. a wife and a mother..  I was raised as a muslim sunni... they taught us at schools some Islamic lessons as well as other sciences..see more education in Saudi Arabia I went to a mosque and memorized "The Three Assets" by Abd al-Wahhab.. I studied the "Tawhid" for Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab.. I taught the Arabic language and Tajwid for non arabic speakers.. so, I used to be called wahhabi! I didnt like the name whhabi :P I used to call myself a sunni!


I became Sufisi for 2 years lol :)

then returned back to the whabbi.. I was lost really and brain washed! but I knew that there is something wrong with Islam! really...

I met a christian girl from egypt I enjoyed talking with her about religion, she encouraged me to read for Dr Kamel Al-Najjar..

I read the book by chance "Critical reading of Islam" by Dr Kamel Al-Najjar is an Ex-Muslim atheist also I read all books of Nabil Fayad he's an atheist from syria .. and I said yes to freedom! :)


so, I'm born again! very happy! so, I'm a member of 'Atheist Universe' now! Atheism is great.. Atheists are lovely guys!

I am fine and safe and my husband is okay with my Atheism!

I'm always impressed by Muslims who become atheists.

The religious conditioning must be quite intense. I can only imagine the kind of social pressures that burdens you as Islam permeates so much of daily life. Hats off Amal!


Impressive indeed, Amal. Now you made me feel like reading Dr. Al-Najjar's books.


I didn't know you taught Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, my husband is teaching himself Arabic with books and DVDs, doing well,  but it could be so great if there was a way you could teach him through the internet! Maybe one day I'll try to learn Arabic too, although first I would like to learn some Mandarin. My other hobby besides running is languages.

Yes, learning Arabic is quite a feat!

I taught myself the alphabet a long time ago, when I was into calligraphy. And the basics of the language. They have a fascinating lexicon built on triads of consonants.

My husband is a crazy language buff: he speaks 5 languages and is learning his 6th!

Yes, I know the type (have one in my family.)


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