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A friend lives in a state-run retirement community. A few hours ago he told me of a situation in which a state employee can grant or deny the requests of the community's residents.

He's upset that an employee has denied a married couple a plot of land they can garden when the employee has given plots to other residents and there are more plots available.

I asked, "Do you know if any of the residents who have plots offered the employee some money, as a bribe?

My friend, an idealist, said "The employee should not accept bribes."

Sometimes a cynic, I said "Some state employees require bribes."

Sometimes a realist, I asked "What do you want to do?"

Do you have any thoughts on the situation or on what my friend might do?

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I should look more into the plowshare project. My house is on a rocky hill mostly planted with native plants. The idea when the garden was planted was to invite bees, buterflies, and other native insects which had been driven out by 'beautiful lawns' to show off to the neighbors. The landscapers of manicured lawns of course use roundup to kill weeds, and an over abundance of fertalizer to keep the grass green requiring an abundant amount of water keeping the landscapers in business mowing the grass, while the pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer washes into the waterways harming the rivers and deltas. On top of that it seems to take about a half hour of leaf blowing because there may be a leaf somewhere. Aside from that the ignorant homeowner keeping up with the Scotts commercial and gold course mentality has to keep the driveway and grass clean enough to eat off.

I have a bunch of potted ornimental plants on my tiered deck. I'm letting them die and plan on replacing them with herbs and other edibles.

I'd like to get a mountian goat to attack one of the landscapers who run their leaf blowers for an hour to pick up one leaf.  They do it even when it's pouring down rain.  I don't think their leaf blowers have mufflers on them. If so they are so rusted out that they no longer muffle the noise.

I suppose as you sarcastically said they are keeping up with the Round-up and Scotts Turf Grass commercials. What could make it worse? putting in artificial grass who's owners think the only way to clean it is with more leaf blowers.  It's like living next to a motocross race track around here most of the week.

Fortunately almost all of my neighbors don't have landscapers who take advantage of the homeowners ignorance. Most have yards of natural native plants. It just takes a few noise polluters to destroy the peace and quiet of a neighborhood.

After the housing buble burst several hedge fund companies purchased houses and took advantage of the daily rental oppertunities the city offered using internet companies such as AirB&B which has to be the worst thing that can happen to a neighborhood. Even the ones who don't rent out dailies do a month to month. As absintee (I wouldn't even call them landloards) hedge fund manager they couldn't care less what the neighbors think about them.  There is gold renting houses in the Napa Valley.

One of the neighbors across the hill from me wanted to put a helicopter pad at his winery because the traffic must have been to unberable for his rich clients. Of course that only makes it more exclusive.

Seeing the difference between the 0.01% and the rest of the community is evident here in what the city and county is promoting as a tourist area. As much as they try it will never be as nice as La Jolla CA. Afterall Mitt Romney lives in La Jolla with his two story garage complete with an elevator. I wonder if he has a helicopter pad on top of his garage?

I doubt many city planners, or arcitects have a vision for the future. It seems many came from the school of 1950's urban planning. More than likely they are influenced by building developers who's goal is to rape the land make a quick buck and run. It seems most development in the city of Napa is not much more than a moble home development mentality. Even the 'pinicale' of Napa along the riverfront which is often exhibited in commercials and photos looks like a cheap copy of Disneyland. At least Walt Disney had a vision for the future.

On top of that the parking garages built by taxpayers gave free space to the landowners downtown. The parking garages allowed the landowners to expand their buidling space into what was once parking areas.

Do people even think about this, or am I entirely wrong with my evaluation of the Parking lot development?


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