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A friend lives in a state-run retirement community. A few hours ago he told me of a situation in which a state employee can grant or deny the requests of the community's residents.

He's upset that an employee has denied a married couple a plot of land they can garden when the employee has given plots to other residents and there are more plots available.

I asked, "Do you know if any of the residents who have plots offered the employee some money, as a bribe?

My friend, an idealist, said "The employee should not accept bribes."

Sometimes a cynic, I said "Some state employees require bribes."

Sometimes a realist, I asked "What do you want to do?"

Do you have any thoughts on the situation or on what my friend might do?

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First of all find out if there is bribery?

There is a local volunteer organizantion called Plowshares that's valuable to the community.

Demand to know what the reason was they were turned down for the plot of land. And if it doesn't tally with the truth or reality demand an enquiry. But the main thing is, if they think the state employee has been unjust don't give him/Her or their  boss a moments peace.

heh, carry a pistol openly....

No just keep on complaining.

"heh, carry a pistol openly...." Were did that come from, who mentioned guns.

In the UK and Europe we call it civil disobedience and demanding our rights.

i just thot people would treat him better. i bet he'd get a plot.

was meant to be slightly funny hence the heh....

Sorry Carl I thought you were being serious. My apologies. 

only in america cud such a statement be serious.

Yeh that's why I was mistaken. Thanks Carl.

I've read about townships in England that have public gardens in the commons.

Why don't the suburbs grow veggies rather than manicured lawns?

Chris, veggie gardens and manicured lawns have their uses.

In inner cities growing veggies proves hunger. On the roofs of tall buildings growing veggies proves their designers' "green" creds. In suburbs growing veggies is a kid's school project.

A manicured lawn shows the neighbors a homeowner's wealth.


Are those opinions evidence of cynicism or realism?

Napa TV shows a group of volunteers called "PlowShares." where they will help a home owner grow edibles rather than ornimentals, or lawns.  It seems that this is where we have to go as a community.

City and regional planners failed when suburbs were built starting post WWII - especially on the West coast (California), where sections were divided into housing, shopping, working, and etcetera.  On the East Coast in old neighborhoods there are small shopping sections within walking distance of residences.

Eisenhower's vision of the highway system broke communities by removing trolley tracks and forcing everyone to own a car.

It's unbelievable to me to see parents driving their children to the local elementary school which may only be eight, or ten blocks away.

Buildings should have roof top gardens to insulate and capture rain water.  Buildings should have solar panel windows. The Portland Oregon model is well though out, where the first floor is for shopping, the second and maybe the third floor is office space and subsuquential floors are appartments. Parking should be below ground level. Doing that also help with flood problems.


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