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Idealism. In A Person, What Are Its Causes? How Long Does It Last?

OED's first definition says it's "the unrealistic belief in or pursuit of perfection". (Please, do philosophy in a discussion you open.)

I was once idealistic and often said people "should" or "should not". Now, I like the bulletin board-size bite "I don't should on myself."

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i find it harder and harder to keep the ideals of my younger years. But I see myself as a realist and an idealist. what can I say. 

Politics broke my idealism and, like a pendulum, I swung between it and cynicism for a while. I settled into a realism that's sometimes uncomfortably impersonal, like natural selection always is.

The Democratic, and Republican (Parties) are about idealism.

Mitch McConnel, Newt Gingrich,  Paul Ryan and etcetera  are idealists.

The D and R parties are about winning, Chris.

As to McConnell and all, what's your evidence?

As an example the pact to kill all of President Obamas initiatives.

There is clear evidence of the R's blocking Obamas goals.

Not your evidence that the R's are blocking all of Obama's goals Chris.

What is your evidence that McConnell, Gingrich, Ryan and et cetera are idealists?

I don't see it myself Chris I think the D & Rs are neither idealists or realists I see them as mere opportunists.

Or anti- Obamaidologies.

There seems to be a racist tenddencies to it.


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