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Idealism. In A Person, What Are Its Causes? How Long Does It Last?

OED's first definition says it's "the unrealistic belief in or pursuit of perfection". (Please, do philosophy in a discussion you open.)

I was once idealistic and often said people "should" or "should not". Now, I like the bulletin board-size bite "I don't should on myself."

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You should always aim for the Ideal even if you fail the journey helps the human condition.

But in people, Stephen, what are their idealisms' causes and how long do their idealisms last?

The idealism of my early years have of course waned somewhat, I find that in the Autumn of my life I fight against things rather than for things. I think this maybe because of the upsurge of the right in my country and around the world and their attack on many of the things I hold dear. 

Are humans destined for warlike behaviour?

Who does the destining?

In a word Chris. "No" 

It basically boils down to this Hierarchical Structured Societies tend to be more warlike than what Horizontally Structured Societies are. 
Due to the inbuilt inequalities in the hierarchal society the individual loses their own sense of power over their life which creates an internal anger that when the conditions present themselves to the individual that causes them to override their self control and explode in a fit of violence.

Governments and societies have always been hiearchical.  Here in the U.S. most people consider themselves to be part of the (long gone) middle class.

The following is something American Republicans 'in the middle class' should know.

From Sarah Manguso's book "300....": A nonspecific wish to change the world isn't about the world; it's about the person who wants to change the world.
Idealism's causes include a violent childhood.
The violence leaves kids so wanting happiness that they imagine a happiness they are unable to let go of in their teens when uninjured kids become realists. I knew that scene well.

Makes me wonder how multiple generations of tramatic life plays out.

It appears to me that trauma begets trauma - i/e. that it's passed on through generations.

That isn't idealistic.  Grims fairy tails reflect reality more than Disney characters.

Very cynical idea of why idealism exists. People are idealists because they hate injustice and want to improve the world for the better. 

Stephen, ...

1) idealists say realism is cynical, and

2) cynics say realism is idealistic.

Why is that?


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