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Kind of funny how many worship without knowledge.

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I see some of it as  'Worship' rather than knoweledge.

It's sickening.

 The Don is being picked on by liberals. 

Go religious mf's.

Many worship you Don.

Those who do are people who are authoritarins.

- In sarcasm - spank your babies.

If someone has been to a circuris and seen a group of people who were hypnotzed you may recognize the group of people behind many of Trumps rallies.

Donald Trump Donald Trump, Donald Trump.

There is something wrong with the people backing the Don.


It's deeply distrubingto me that people can listen to this lecture from the Don and ignore what he's saying. 

Florida??  Go read and learn.

I'm ambiguous about Donald Trump. As long as he doesn't start a war he's okay by me.

I agree President Trump is not the problem.

President Trump is a symptom of systemic problems with  the U.S.A.

During the last presidential election many worshiped Hillary Clinton. 

I don't understand that mindset.


I'd like the voters to get intensive psychiatriactic treatment.

I sometimes think that naturalized citizens know more about the U.S. Constitution and how government works than native born citizens.  That of course would be a problem with the public school system.

A guy I know who is a teachers aid (may not be a good example) for kids who are developmentally disabled voted the same day he received his vote by mail pamphlet - as though it was a race.   He told me that he thought he had to vote for everything on the ballot.   

I don't mean to bad mouth that guy, but he's a teachers aid at a middle school and doesn't know how the electorial process works. 

What are kids at school learning?

A guy running for city council called and left a message on my telephone answering machine.  At the end of his message he quipped - "Don't forget to put a stamp on the voters envelope"  

The county I live has voter drop off boxes, and of course the county election office to place ballots.  It's primarilly a mail in election system in this county.  The envelops are postage paid.  If they weren't in effect stamps would be considered a poll tax.   Mail in ballots in California as a default fortunately is expanding.   I understand it is going to expand from ten counties to twenty.    The syetem for casting votes in this county (by mail, with numerous ballot drop boxes) is a great system.   That should be done in every county in the U.S.

So the guy running for city council didn't know that  envelopes mailed within the county were postage paid.   I'll give him a break. When I called and spoke with someone at the county election board I was told that envelopes mailed before June (for a November) election weren't prepaid.  Governor Brown signed legislation in July for ten counties which were mail in ballot counties.  I asked if someone who was out of the county mailed in their ballot if they would have to put postage on it. I was told the state of california would cover the cost of postage.    It isn't clear to me if someone who was out of the country  would have to include postage.  It seems as though if they received the mail in ballot before June they should have put postage on it, but I was told if it was mailed to his county the State of California would pay the postage if they didn't.

For some odd democratic reason I find this and other topics about voting interesting.

If elections were tabulated using priority, or ranked voting it would be even better.


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