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An interesting stat from the UK

Striking chart: in the UK, the poorest people are likely to be in bad health for 21 years starting at 50, the best-off for just 12 years starting at 70. More charts in post

All of these countries have universal health care except one. Can you guess which?

US system has major problems, but I don't see that as reason to jump on the universal healthcare boat for these reasons.. Population does not receive enough attention - US has 323 million, UK only has 65 million, it's easier to manage health when populations are smaller. Universal healthcare has limitations in regards to migration - mass migration in Europe has shown this, as hospitals became full and nurses and doctors walked off the job, statistics show many refugees will not work until 10-15 years later. US also has worse diet, but other developed nations are catching up - stats say half of Sweden's population is now overweight.

Additionally - how long does it take to receive treatment for issues like knee replacements under universal healthcare. The wait time in European countries has become longer to the point that many people are thankful for private insurance provided through their employer which offers a faster alternative.


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