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World Health Organization Ranking; The World’s Health Systems

Sweden may not be the best in Europe when it comes to health care, but they are way above the expensive mediocre care we get in the states. You mention a hospital being closed, but not that it was closed by politicians. That's not a failing of their system. Also, being flown to a hospital to have care is much better than the millions of Americans who have no insurance whatsoever. 

I'm glad I do not have the fear of worrying about being destitute because of a family health problem, i have insurance. This is pretty much bullshit, you can find a problem anywhere if you look hard enough. Nothing is perfect, but they are way above us in healthcare. Longevity, care, aging, everything better than here.

Lauren Ell's opinion on health care just goes to prove that even Atheists can be wrong. 

It's an opinion piece stating my own experience. How can it be wrong? lol

Whereas you have not even tried Sweden's system correct?

I had insurance until Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) took full effect in 2014 and my private plan was eliminated. All other private plans were out of my budget so I was forced to go on Medi-Cal in CA which is a mediocre state funded system that can reject applications for not providing adequate tax information or proof of income. I am currently without insurance in the US for these reasons - I am an independent contractor and was rejected by Medi-Cal for not providing adequate documents which I now have to jump through hoops to obtain in order to re-apply. And I am epileptic! It was much easier to just pay a monthly fee for health insurance and not have to deal with the state.

It's an opinion piece. Have you dealt with Sweden's healthcare system?

Working for my union I've had many fraternal relationships with swede's and the vast majority support their health care system

That is good they support their system, but how many have tried the US healthcare system to compare the pros and cons? Why do you think they are "right" whereas my experience is "wrong"?

Also, the quality of healthcare systems is not set in stone. Much of Sweden's healthcare system has been going downhill for the last few years due to mass migration and lack of nurses and doctors. How the Swedish healthcare system performed ten years ago is not the same how it performs today.

In the US the poor can die for lack of healthcare in Sweden someone might have to wait a while for an appointment. I know which one I would choose.

The republican way is if you can't afford to live, then die. There is nothing in this "opinion" piece that has any solution for our healthcare. That would be a worthwhile read.

I was hospitalized in U.S.A. state of Virginia where many nurses were Fillipnos.

My experience has been that good medical care comes from a wide range of sources. I had care from a doctor from India - a nurse who transited from Niger through France and NYC before landing in the SF bay area.

Most doctors in the U.S. can be seen without health insurance.

Whywaste money for $75/month health insurance?  What does $75/month of health insurance cover?

After a having a chronic condition under control and stabalized there is no need to continue seeking medical care.

My medical insurance costs multiple times more than $75/month.

Patients in rural northern Sweeden cross what may be a short distance to Finland for health care services. Patients in the U.S. often cross State lines for health care.

What is your point?

Do you have a thesis?


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