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How do you teach self-confidence when you believe you’re 100% remote controlled?

Long time no see! Sorry for delaying this article. It’s very hard to be an atheist in a nearly-all-Christian society, but this becomes extreme when you’re a teacher. After all, you need to “live” your principles for the students to really benefit.

I was a bit lucky not to teach biology, chemistry, geography or history, but since language is the vehicle all that, I had little chance of avoiding occasional ideological collisions.

I remember once having been asked how fossils could be millions years old in universe that was created only a few thousand years ago. To play it safe, I referred the inquisitive student to their biochemistry teacher.

The student was told fossils are either man-made or the datation system is not accurate. And when I personally talked to the “scientific” teacher, he first showed me the cross in front of every class. “I have to make sure my daily bread is safe! Don’t bore my mind with all that nonsense about what will happen after me or the students’ future!”

If you still wonder why some people remain poor despite several opportunities around them, start by studying their educational system. Most of their schools and guardians are busy confusing their students and kids!

Values such as self-confidence, responsibility, judgment and the like are either suppressed if not given diminutive or negative connotations—all in God’s name … Amen!

I chose not to sacrifice my ethics and logic for the “daily bread,” and it has cost me a lot, I swear.

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Hey Alexis great to see you back.

I Totally understand your position, you have to earn a living. You have to be careful both for your job and in extreme position your life. I would do exactly the same, to live in a country where 99% of the people are religious you cant be open about your Atheism.

But its lovely to hear from you again.

That's why talking to fellow Atheists online is such a relief.

What did to think of the election of Trump. Crazy wasn't it

Welcome back, Alexis. 

Your situation must make life very difficult for you. People here are always willing to listen.

Trump's election has made too much noise, but I personally find in it a few points to ponder.

Why is his "low" education and political experience an issue whereas there are nine American presidents who didn't even attend college?

Why are people surprised that one of the four legally registered candidates was elected?

I understand that some of his language is not as "political" and even ethical, but the world is growing tired of soft politics and ostensive behavior. People should be allowed to be themselves to some extent.

Another remark to make is the unlimitedness of Internet. If Wikileaks hadn't revealed Clinton's diplomatic weaknesses, perhaps Trump's dirty words would have sounded heavier. But when FBI questioned about her emails, Trump got such a thick edge that even latino states forgot about mass deportation and wall threats!

In a nutshell, Trump launches a "hard-politics era" with exaltation of the self.

Couldn't agree with you more Alexis. Trump didn't win this election it was Clinton who lost it.

The Democrats should have opted for Bernie a man with honour and ideals. I think he would have beaten Trump. But who knows?.

Great to see you back among us Alexis.

Alexis are you still having trouble getting onto the internet or has things improved since you were last here.

Yesterday I watched a movie produced in 1967 entitled "Gentleman's Agreement."

The movie speaks for iitself.

Donno scat, but know what it smells like.

Do'mt mean shit.


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