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Hi music fans! As most of you know, I'm training for the NYC marathon this year and music helps me run better, get less bored, and it also helps me keep up the pace. I'm a slow runner, so I need songs in the 130-140 beats-per-minute range, interspersed I can throw in some faster paced songs (up to 160-180 bpm), and also some slower ones. For marathon playlists, I think they recommend you for the marathon to start fast paced, then slow down a bit the bpm, then increase again, and to avoid "dying" near the end, at the last mile or two, play some very upbeat songs. I prefer rock, but Latin, reggae, Middle Eastern, etc., it's all good as long as it's upbeat and within the beats per minute. No easy-listening of course. The music is supposed to pump you up without making you run too much faster than your usual pace, otherwise one may start out too strong and be too tired later on.


Do you accept the challenge? :-)


Suggesting songs is cool, but I'm lazy and I want you to do the work for me, if you compile a whole playlist it would even be better! Then I can buy the songs in iTunes and upload them to my iPod Nano.


Thanks in advance! I'll be thinking of all of you guys who suggested songs or made playlists. My running time for the marathon will be between 4:30 and 5 hours so I need MANY great songs!

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You shall NOT succeed, evil villain!
You're nuts.

Here's a running song from Michael McDonald - It keeps you Running.

Thanks! Though it'll have to be next year. I got injured and I'm out of the race this year :-(

Are you out of your cast yet? I had a motorcycle accident that crushed my knee and was in an ankle to thigh cast for two and a half months.  The day after I had the cast removed I went back to work and was assigned a job fixing a load cell on top of a 100 foot crane. Without any physical therapy I had to climb the ladders to get to the top numerous times. My leg muscles spammed as I climbed the ladders. That made it apparent that they didn't want me working there any more.

I'm not in a cast, but I can't put my leg down, doctor's orders, until the cartilage heals, no weight-bearing. I have 2 more weeks to go. Wow, they were crazy at that job! And heartless! Your muscles could have failed you from the inactivity and you could have fallen off the ladder and died. That's totally crazy, that they made you do that. Irresponsible. Wow.


I know that you not in this year but for next year 

Try this one it may suit you it may not but The tune is Bombora by the Atlantics. surfing music. 

Should your taste want to run into classical try  The William Tell Overture and Wagner's Ride of the Valkeries. not all classical music is moderate to slow paced there are a few pieces that are faster paced. Music can be a bit like writing you can convey swiftness with words and you can convey slowness by the choice and arrangement of the words used. Music is writing without words so can convey pace also!

I ain't your average baby boomer! 

Hope all is recovering well!

OK, I'll try (not Wagner which I hate, though).  Thank you for the suggestions!


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