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Hello Atheists, Agnostic here, and I would love to ask you a question about Near Death Experiences.

Hello everyone,

my name is Vaino. I was raised Roman Catholic. Although I still go to Church and participate in culturally Christian events, I am really an agnostic. I don't exactly know what to believe. I don't want to be too much of a skeptic just yet-- that being said, I am aware that there are many inconsistencies in Christianity, and all faiths for that matter.

My question to you:

Many atheists and agnostics, even some religious people, are skeptical of Near Death Experiences, saying that they are a product of a faulty brain which is deprived of oxygen, blood flow and is essentially confused. I found numerous articles saying that G-Force pilots experience similar visions when they are in flight simulators. This causes me to be somewhat skeptical of NDEs. I would not be surprised if they were the product of a confused brain.

I have also read from some sources which conclude that they are cultural as well. For example, Christians will see Jesus, Hindus will see other religious imagery, etc.

I am willing to accept all of that, but here is what I am confused about. Why is it that there are so many accounts of Christians seeing Jesus, but no accounts (as far as I can tell) that are genuine of an Islamic person encountering Prophet Muhammad? I spoke to a Muslim friend of mine recently who said that many people in the Islamic faith will dream of Prophet Muhammad. Why then is it, that a) there are very few Muslim NDEs to begin with, and b) that you never hear of any of them seeing Muhammad?

There are supposed accounts (by Christians so I am willing to bet that it's biased) of Muslims meeting Jesus, and being told that they are to convert to Christianity. I take these with a grain of salt because Christians tend to tell these stories. However, I am extremely curious to get your opinions/ideas/theories about why Christian NDEs tend to be much more prevalent with religious imagery known to Christians than is the case for Islamic people. 

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its funny you don't get to hear of Atheists having near death experiences or dreams as I think they should be called.

Hello Vaino,

Why would you not want to be too skeptical? What is it you fear?

As to NDEs, have you considered that the information you get has a christian bias because your cultural milieu is mainly christian? 

A quick Google search will give you results on NDEs reported by Muslims. You can filter your search and still get more results. I think, those making the reports that Muslims have no NDEs are not being truthful. They are lazy.

Finally, those who claim they have seen Jesus, how do they know it is him? There is no evidence that a fellow as described by the bible called Jesus lived. How can they be sure it is not of the many impostors? Why should they be believed?

Twice I've been hospitalized in intesnsive care wiith what doctors said were less than a 50% chance of surviving.

Have you ever fainted, drowned, or been deprived of oxygen? 

As you wrote brain confusion (during death) is lack of oxygen to the brain. There is nothing magical about it.

A secular Jewish friend of mine was in a Catholic hospital for congestive heart failure. The residing priest at the hospital asked my friend if he would mind receiving 'last rights.' My friend told me that he didn't want to hurt the priests feelings and allowed the 'last rights' prayer.

When my friend died a doctor was beside his bed. My friend sat up in the hospital bed and said "BOO"  immediately before dying. Even on his death bed he had a great sense of humor as he 'turned into a ghost."

Do religionists upon death expect to hear some kind of revelation about gowd?

If so that's why Catholics call for 'Last Rights" 

Things you may have, or not have heard is a result of the company you keep. 

Near Death Experiences are universal to human's and animals.  One approaching death who have a Priest, Rabi, Imam, or other charlatan whispering in their ear will be subjected and vulnerable their words of woo. 

My understanding is Islam doesn't represent images of god in human, or other forms. Muhammad is a profit according to Islamic teachings rather than an incarcation of gowd -Xtrians view artitistic impressions of Jesus as the image of gowd.

Have you had near death experiences in debates, or arguments as you yawn about phylosophophy?


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