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Hands up who's bored with the Olympics already.

The Olympics is only a day old and already I'm bored to tears with it. Am I the only one to feel this way about the games. I used to love watching the different sports being shown on TV. But the whole thing has begun to look stale and shoddy. The sportsmen and woman are supposed to be amateur but they are all raking in the money. 

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Thiago Rodrigues and Adriano de Freixo from the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro reflect on the growing discontent from citizenry around the world at the way mega-events like the Olympics are conducted.

THE OLYMPIC flame has been making its way around Brazilian cities in the last few weeks, sponsored by the country’s major media group, its biggest private bank, a Japanese automaker and the world’s most famous soda company.

As it travelled around the country, a peculiar aspect of a usually excited population attracted more attention than the torch itself: there were countless attempts to quench the flame — a symbol representing the Olympic spirit.

Though it’s neither unprecedented – similar acts have taken place in other host nations – nor a demonstration of proverbial Brazilian iconoclasm, these protests must be understood in the context of the growing global reaction to both the way these mega-events are organised and the entities promoting them (think International Olympic Committee and FIFA).

The business of sport is an increasingly profitable enterprise that sets up around big sums of money coming from advertising and the sale of broadcasting rights — or both. These organisations’ humongous economic power translates to ominous political clout. And the resulting leverage allows them to meddle in the internal affairs of host countries and cities and even to tackle and replace national legislation, thereby removing legal hurdles to their events

Rio Olympics 2016: View from the favela

The Rio Olympics has been plagued with problems, from stadiums not being ready to the threat of the Zika virus.

street in poor area

The Rio Olympics has been plagued with problems, from stadiums not being ready to the threat of the Zika virus.

Now we are hearing from people who live in the poor favelas of the city who are unhappy at the amount of money has been spent on the games when they feel their lives are so tough.

Vidigal overlooks the famous Ipanema beach but is far from glamorous.

A lot of residents are annoyed because they feel they are not benefiting from the millions being spent on the city

Read more=

I think a lot of my lack of interest is all the damn doping scandals, cheating, or whatever. I used to like the gymnastics, swimming, & several others, but not this year.

I do like some of the winter Olympics, & watch many of them, but I can't even muster the effort to watch any of these summer ones in Rio.

I also think Rio was a mistake to choose as venue with all the filth that they didn't clean up. I find myself worrying about the athletes who will be exposed to that as well as zika, & especially the swimmers who will be doing open water swims.  

Your right Mrs.B. All that grinding poverty right next door to the new venues is disgusting.

Not to mention the corruption that we've heard about for decades. South America seems to have a lousy reputation, & I know there's corruption everywhere, but they seem to top it.

The BBC is very pro the Olympics, but even they have been reporting on the corruption in Rio and around Brazil.

Well if the shoe fits...................

I stopped wathcing the Olympics  when the USSR stoped giving the olympians hormones.

The same with baseball.

When you swim in Brazil keep your mouth closed.

Zika - keep your arms covered and use mosquito repelent.

Again I write the next place to have the Olympics should be in Flint Michigan (U.S.A) to force them to clean up the (lead) pollution in the water.

When the West Nile Virus moved all the way up to Alaska the Indigiounous people of Oregon (Umatilla) wouldn't allow mosquito spraying because it would deny Salmon the nutrients they need as they migrate.

The Olympics has become a sham. some county's spend Billions on there applications and without a thought for the poor. In 2012 London hosted the games at the same time they were proposing cutting back on welfare and the Health service. CRAZY.

Remember when professional atheletes couldn't compete in the Olympics?

The entire athletic community is a corporation from College up.

In the States, and I suppose elsewhere (including Olympic areanas) communities pay tax dollars to fund stadiums. It's sickening to me. Tax dollars for a corporate baseball, or football team.  What a subsidy.  Why do people allow this?

Have you been to a little league game, or kids football (soccer) game and seen how the parents compete? It's discusting. What happened to kid's having unstructured fun without helicopter parents?

I knew it was over when I started seeing "Baby On Board" signs in mini vans.When I grew up we would play kick the can down the street, build tree forts, and go for walks. Now parents drive, or walk their kids to the local elementary school which is only about six blocks away. Maybe that one reason so many children and young adults are over weight and don't know how to deal with conflict - ie. bullies.


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