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Bible basher's always say that everything in the Bible is the actual word of God. There fixed it

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Dam right Suzanna. I get so tired with people saying we must show understanding to the religious types when they say they have scriptural reasons for going against gay marriage, at one time i would have shown that understanding but not any more, how long do they expect society to wait.  

I could not agree with you more! 

When I was growing up homophobia was rife and yes it did effect me till I meet one and actually worked with one but I didn't give a fig in hell they were both nice blokes. Then I met my second missus and she also knew homosexuals and they did not worry her either. As the years rolled on I lost the inclination to be homophobic even though I worked where homophobia is rife, the armed services. But in those years I also learnt why they were that way inclined!

So to-day they do not worry me in the least as they just human beings that have the same right to love and happiness as myself.

On Sham marriages. I knew several guys in the Navy who married British women so the women could gain citizenship. The guys got extra pay for being married and the woman gained citizenship. That was common practice among the guys I worked around. 

Suddenly it became a scandal as though no one knew about it. 

Hilarious that the Navy kept this secret as long as it did. 

Wait, maybe that's still a secret.

The guys I knew who did this weren't gay, they just did it for extra sea rations. They were gone all the time and couldn't keep a regular family life so they kept a fake one for the extra pay.

I heard on occasion that they actually took to their fake wives and made lasting relationships.


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