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Faiths for People Who Haven't Kicked the Faith Habit

Nationalism is one such faith. It lacks religion's supernatural paraphernalia but its leaders want their followers' money and even their lives.


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Nationalism is created around the ideology of being better or superior while it can boost ego for a little while and so-called ''spirit'' and people might work forward the progress, but then its downfall, as they don't have enough young people and the immigration into their country isn't big enough. 

Yes, it's also always about leaders and involving money, as the people want to gain more wealth and they think that from it's their lives would change for better, at first it might be but then it's massive downfall too.

- It's similar with communism

You're right, JA, communism, capitalism, and the various forms of socialism also function as religions. They have leaders who supply the required dogmas, and followers who obey the dogmas and supply the leaders with money.

Nationalism is just another form of worship.

I don't understand why some, or apparently many people think that having an extreme weathy class benifi

...that having a wealthy class benefi...

Chris, would you have completed your thought with “...benefits more than the wealthy class?”

Please don’t leave your thought unfinished. I’m sure it would be a symphony but as a composer you’re not up there with Ludwig.

The link to this forum is slow and often broken. I used to think it was my computer.

I don't remember my thought at the time of the post.  Perhaps it was something such as the following.

I don't understand why some, or apparently many people think that having an extreme weathy class benifits society.

Off with their heads.

There are faiths besides nationalism—and besides the economic faiths capitalism, communism, facism and socialism.

In all of those faiths a privileged few want the many to provide for them (for the few). Though much of human history, the few have succeeded in making the many provide for them. In the wars between fews, the few have succeeded in making the many give even their lives for them (the few).

What are some of those other faiths?

For atheists who don't understand what god means to some people the following link may help.


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