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Due process in sexual harassment cases. Does anyone else worry about the lack of due process in many of this recent sexual harassment reports?  of course if found guilty people should be punished.  Please let me know your opinions on this worrying subject.      

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I'm concerned that many will get away with not guilties.

I'd say if more than one person comes forward with accusations of the same one doing the crime, it warrants more than a skim over, or quickly swept under the carpet.

I totally agree but everyone deserves their time in court. At the moment there hasn't been one court case. There have been so many accusations that it worries me that the innocent are not being given their day in court. 

Yes, they do, but they have to quit stalling on technicalities, & letting them off with nothing more than words.

I agree that woman should be listened too more in court. But at the moment people are being punished without their day in court.

At least some have admitted their wrongs rather than deny, deny, deny.

This is true. But its usually on some of the more minor accusations 

The ones that include assaults on minors and underage children should be taken to court immediately 

Suzanna I agree with your concern but what choice do we have. Everyone has their right to a day in court.

I know it's a horrible situation but i'm glad that women are being taken seriously about this even if only by the public.

I think the law must be changed so that woman's evidence is given more weight in court and defence lawyers aren't allowed to badger the witness.

That's why I say if more than 1 person makes the same accusation against the same person, there has to be something to it.

Blaming the victim has to stop.

Couldn't agree with you more

Spot on


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