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I hear some  who profess whatever political or religious belief with out substantion.

What is that about.

Should I call them "Stupid", or non thinking?

I'm stupid  = howerver I tend to look at subjects.

Perhaps others don't.


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find the flaws- let your intelligence do the rest

The Box.

I'm outside of it.

It pisses me off. 

no no no--- you are spot on---I've been so -other---I wonder if I am human

mentally haha not physically. Being inside whatever is easy for those who don't care

obviously you do--so into strangeness one ventures and remorphologizes one's innate

neurological webbed manic magic in our heads and end up in realities unconceived off

what this planet needs -- is everything without---to challenge preconceptions and stop

ossification of culture and life----


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