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The recent horrible events in Connecticut have finally(?) brought forward the taboo topic of gun control. It was high time. It's even perhaps too late, if we consider the 300,000,000 guns that are estimated to be in the US alone.

Do you personally own firearms?


It would be interesting to elaborate below on the hows and whys.

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For starters, this is what Michael Moore (an easily dismissable liberal scum, right?) thinks on the matter:

Didn't at least some of the guns belong to his mom? 

I am a gun owner, but not a gun lover. I think the existence of such weapons is an inevitable byproduct of human evolution. However, I don't see why we can't regulate them, at least to the extent that we regulate cars. 

Yes, that was the point of Michael's comment, which was satire. she was a gun enthusiast, she owned all those guns, yet she got killed.

Ah, that makes sense! I must have misunderstood Michael's comment, because I've never known him to use satire before :)

Ha! Yep, he's not big on satire :-)

His mother did own a gun. It got her killed. Adam killed her with it before he went.

no, definitely not.  i can attribute that to my dad who was in the airborne division in world war ii and mentioned that killing people is not something that is fun, even in war.

Yes, I agree with your dad! Although my Dad wasn't on the front line during WWII.  He was want to say you can tell the ones who were on the front line and in the fighting from the ones that weren't. The ones that told stories about what they did and their deeds of supposed valour were the braggarts while the one's on the front line generally say nothing about their actions on the front line, you just knew they were there!

Same here with the dad - London blitz and liberation of Belgium - he painted a very bleak picture of military killing, though I don't think he ever participated himself.

He owned a .22 cal. rifle and he went hunting probably once a year but even though he brought me with him on fishing expeditions multiple times I never got to go on a hunt. I did target practice on occasion, it was fun and I was good at it. But I don't own a firearm and don't plan to in the near future.

I have an industrial-grade slingshot with steel pellets and a very impressive-looking Buck knife, hopefully that will suffice in the self-defense department.

I don't own a gun even though I actually like guns. But I also realise they were from the very outset of their manufacture from the earliest muzzle loaders was to kill at a distance.The first guns weren't made to kill animals but people, the animals came a little later. As time moved along we learnt to make guns that were more effective in killing and allowing one person to kill more people quickly. 

When I was younger and I wanted to play with guns I joined the Army Reserve where there were plenty of bang,bang hurty sticks to play with. Machine guns, semi-automatics,pistols,grenade launchers, mortars as well as some bloody big guns! 25 pounders and howitzers.

So who needs a gun.

Were I a gun collector all my collection would be spiked so that it would take a gunsmith quite a while to make the gun usable again.  Because they would be for show only to show the history of explosive powered missile throwers!

did the survey

Just to clarify, the subject of gun control is taboo only (or mostly) in the US. Many countries have restrictions on gun ownership.
I do not own a gun though I can see how target shooting can be fun. I have played shooting video games and they can be quite fun. I imagine that shooting skeet or however those flying things are called would be fun too.
My husband used to own a hunting rifle when he was young, but he would not even think of hunting anything right now. He is an animal lover.
The idea of owning an assault weapon seems crazy to me.
Forbes home defense I have 2 pitbulls. (Just. Kidding, my putties are pets and are quite friendly, though I imagine if I was attacked they may defend me)

Bearing arms is the best protection against tryanical govermnents. The problem isnt the possession of weapons, it is the lack of mental health awareness is an issue. I read what he was like, and he is exactly the sort of person I would have expected to do such a thing. Quiet, nervous, anti-social. The point is the populace is able to mobilize in lieu of the central government.


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